Chassis spare parts is in of machining center flexible production

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As the swift and violent development of technology of contemporary CNC Machining, the wide application of machining center can raise the treatment precision of component and product consistency effectively not only, and the configuration that passes tool, cutting tool and programme controll, what can come true to have much breed product on a product line is flexible production, improve manufacturing efficiency effectively, reduce manufacturing cost. Car bridge is one of crucial parts of car batholith, it is had bear the weight of, decelerate is added twist and apply the brake lives the multinomial function such as the car. Dan Dongshu is smooth company of heavy-duty car bridge is the professional manufacturer that produces bridge of vehicle of big, medium-sized car, the product covers big, medium-sized passenger car and passenger car of join with a hinge, basically wait for car manufacturer form a complete set for car of cropland of company of Yellow Sea car, blessing. Because the production of car vehicle bridge shows the character of much breed, small lot, accordingly, while heavy-duty car bridge is satisfying a function, more want base oneself upon to come true at component of car bridge key flexible turn production, the library reachs the cutting tool that passes machining center namely to change a knife automatically device and change the respect such as tool, according to the machine program of corresponding workpiece, implementation is on a product line the production that has much breed product. My company is built respectively have product line of hub product line, final drive housing, difference fast implement the main engine such as housing product line and axle housing product line machines product line. Because be when design of each product line mature change to the demand of diversity of breed of market of car vehicle bridge and product the characteristic with rapid rate, make each machine adds product line to be able to shorten quickly in actual production the production of heavy bridge product and trial-produce cycle, satisfy the requirement of car market effectively. Tool of machining center of graph 1 HM630 and production of part drawing union are actual, it is with product line of final drive housing below exemple, two big fields undertake the spare parts from series of oneself of housing of rear final drive and the mutual switch that weigh the chassis spare parts that differs beyond the bridge to go up in machining center contrast specification. The carapace of treatment final drive that weighs housing of bridge series final drive to go up in machining center is the housing in rear assembly kind one of crucial parts, the quality that its machine precision and efficiency to affect rear assembly directly and on schedule consign. Below in order to weigh the bridge 10.

5t final drive carapace (plan bugle call: 2402813-40H) with carapace of 12t final drive (plan bugle call: 2402815-01) it is in the treatment of horizontal machining center exemple do in order to introduce (if express 1) . Library of cutting tool of machining center of graph 2 HM630 expresses carapace of the 1 final drive that weigh the bridge to contrast in treatment of horizontal machining center library of watch cutting tool is a on machining center whole system, have memory cutting tool and the function that carry cutting tool. The transportation of cutting tool of HM630CNC Machining center uses chain structure, the cutting tool that can use treatment according to machine program instruction carries the project that answers relatively with the manipulator that change a knife. The cutting tool library of HM630CNC Machining center shares 42 knives, for example, milling cutter, boring cutter with whorl knife wait. The cutting tool library of such capacities can store already general cutting tool, can store again special cutting tool, can satisfy congener spare parts and the requirement that different spare parts machines pair of cutting tool what make, realize all sorts of spare partses to machine switch in the product on HM630 equipment, the treatment that improved a spare parts greatly is flexible. Can saying cutting tool library is machining center implementation is flexible the crucial system of treatment, it is to rise flexible the foundation of treatment. On the foundation that realizes afore-mentioned configuration in cutting tool library, HM630 machining center realizes cutting tool changeover through manipulator. The place before be like is narrated, the project that the cutting tool that according to machine program the instruction uses treatment carries cutting tool library to answer relatively with the manipulator that change a knife, right now manipulator dictates according to the program (like T1 M6) to cutting tool library corresponding position takes out T1 date cutting tool, after manipulator changes position of correspondence of machining center main shaft, on one the cutting tool of labor situation gets off from main shaft, rotate 180 hind the cutting tool this labor situation loads main shaft, be versed in on one next the former worker worker of the library of cutting tool of cutting tool replace of the pace. Manipulator oneself has 2 cutting tool to be versed in in 180 direction, make take out cutting tool from cutting tool library, change to main shaft the whole process of cutting tool and the library of cutting tool of cutting tool replace last labor situations is finished, the process that ensured machining center cutting tool is changed is successive, efficient and accurate. It is flexible that machining center of graph 3 HM630 changes knife manipulator and main shaft machine program the core of treatment and control system, control unit through digitlization, according to part drawing paper and the requirement that machine craft, complete the treatment of every labor situation, realize the treatment of this line working procedure. Exemple of the place on put together, the configuration of cutting tool and changeover are passed on HM630 machining center, according to corresponding machine program, to 10.

The carapace of rear final drive of 5t and 12t undertakes machining, the mutual switch that realized congener spare parts to go up in horizontal machining center. Engine beam can be not only in the center of treatment CNC Machining on machining center in congener range of products switch processes a product, also can machine changeover in the implementation between different product. For example, in March 2007, company of Yellow Sea car is badly in need of producing the engine beam that passenger car of a batch of DD6181 uses, claimed accuracy of this spare parts tall, structure is complex and treatment difficulty is great, cant wanting mill and working procedure waits in oblique plane bore. Truckload the factory has sought a few treatment outerly early or late square, not only finished cost is high, and the cycle that offer money is long, guarantee against consign. Through affirming with the communication of my company and technology, decide this CNC Machining center that uses heavy bridge undertakes machining finally. On HM630 horizontal machining center, the place before the transition of the configuration of cutting tool library and cutting tool is like is narrated, it is a basis only of the spare parts differ to configure corresponding treatment cutting tool afresh in cutting tool library. The crucial working procedure of engine beam is mill plane and bore working procedure, want mill according to the requirement of blueprint 30 ° are planar, be apart from in the machining center on this plane for 130 ± 0.

The aperture of the φ 19mm of 2mm (if express 2 in working procedure diagram) . Each place dimension all satisfies the engine beam after expressing 2 engine beam to machine example in horizontal machining center design requirement, and treatment consistency is good. The basis is truckload the manufacturing task that the factory asked to finish this batch ahead of schedule, accumulative total produces 320, ensured on schedule consign. Can see in the specific example that epilogue reachs engine beam to be machined on horizontal machining center from carapace of afore-mentioned final drive of car batholith spare parts, as the swift and violent development of technology of contemporary CNC Machining, the wide application of machining center can raise component effectively to machine the consistency of precision and product not only, and the configuration that passes tool, cutting tool and programme controll, with conventional treatment photograph comparing can quicken the treatment switch between different product further, the design research and development that is a product, change and raise demand of manufacturing efficiency, contented market to waited for all respects to reveal wide development perspective. CNC Milling CNC Machining