Terminative whorl tap -- realize whorl milling potential

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Thread machining is in aperture commonly not allow to make the high price that has any accident be worth package aspirant travel. Milling cutter of whorl of whole of series of hill tall Threadmaster is made by reliable cutting tool, can realize taller precision. A cutting tool is OK milling a variety of whorl dimension, accordingly can managing cost. Thread machining is last working procedure that package produces normally. Before this, package already machined working procedure through be being counted, had the value that nots allow to ignore. Be aimed at this kind of application, hill is tall developed milling cutter of whorl of whole of Threadmaster (TM) series. "Threadmaster whorl milling cutter applies to the whorl that machines high accuracy on the component of high cost, because these package cost are higher, because this is in thread machining process,not allow to make generation any reject or exalted maintenance. " the product manager Kurt Gustavsson of branch of hill tall whorl says. TM series job is stable and reliable, thread machining precision is extremely tall and without burr. With use tap to machine whorl photograph to compare, use TM whorl milling cutter to machine whorl to be able to avoid the risk of attaint tap, because this is a kind of safer method. In addition, it is returned special apply to deploy direct drive main shaft and turn up is minutely 12, 000 turn the machine tool of above. Below these circumstances, want to realize two of method of tap thread machining essential conditions: Rotate speed is low and torque is tall, it is very difficult, it is impossible almost. "To protect the main shaft on machine tool of high speed CNC, must use whorl milling method from beginning to end, " Gustavsson say. Whorl milling method suits to have the CNC machine tool of function of helix interpolation milling very much. Cutting tool has axial and radial shift while aperture inward turning turns, make wants whorl tooth look, complete the treatment of whorl thereby. As long as pitch is same, milling cutter of a whorl can machine the dextrorotation of a variety of different measurement, different public errand or Zun Xuan whorl. "Compare with other method photograph, the whorl that machines through milling method falls in most circumstance more hard usage, " Gustavsson say. "To tap whorl, when machine axis changes direction of rotation, can avoid to leave a mark on whorl tooth form. " can machine a variety of whorl as a result of individual cutting tool, simplified to produce already consequently, inventory control and management also simplified in the meantime. Milling cutter of whorl of TM series whole has a variety of type, can fit a variety of application domains and stuff, include oil hard data, cast-iron, steel and aluminium alloy. It is covered from M1 × 0.

25 to M20 × 2.

The whorl of 5, the cutting tool model that and offer applies to treatment UN/C, W and NPT/F whorl (refer to a data to express) . Choose cutting tool and cutting parameter for convenient client, hill is tall developed software of thread machining guide. It can choose best knife handle and razor blade, affirmatory first-rate operates parameter, reach pertinent information download CNC machine tool. Software of thread machining guide is free, can download from the following website: Www.


Com/customerzone. Certain application domain takes precision seriously, and domain of another some of application pays attention to manufacturing efficiency. "The material that produces to large quantities of quantities (for example cast-iron with aluminium) , the challenge that face is to find a kind already efficient, can achieve the cutting tool that expects treatment result again, " Gustavsson say. This is the jumping-off place that we roll out Drilling Threadmaster (DTM) . From go up at all say, DIM is collect getting is cut, pour horn and whorl milling at an organic whole one-stop solution, can be in what keep shorter in these two kinds of material to cut bits. Its working principle is as follows: The point of a knife of DTM drills a hole first (thread machining need not additional auger deep) , when reaching floor, give role automatically for Kong Qie. Next, pass whorl of milling of helix interpolation function, answer DTM in the retraction that finish. Need not use – of 3 cutting tool to get cut, pour horn and – of thread machining cutting tool to need a tool to be able to be finished only. "This can be eliminated or change knife time twice, shorten machine movement time, reduce cutting tool inventory or control in least level, " Gustavsson say. TM and DTM are to be based on concept of the biggest diameter (see figure below) , the opening that treatment gives is bigger, stronger, and can prevent to bend. Helix blade can make cutting fluenter, and the shift that can compensate cutting tool through corrective outline, win proper whorl geometry form thereby. TM series applies on all contemporary machine tools that provide helix interpolation function, can machine the whorl of M16 the following dimension. To the whorl of larger size, main shaft must be ISO50, HSK63 or coequal norms at least, so that collect deepness of gone complete cutting,will obtain favorable result. Threadmaster is opposite the advantage at milling cutter of traditional whole whorl: The whorl Nextpage that knife handle of calibration of whole of Threadmaster of concept of the biggest diameter assures to machine high accuracy for clamp cutting tool, TM and DTM used Whistle Notch knife handle, this is the first selection knife handle of cutting tool clamp. Nevertheless, what TM Mini deploys is cylindrical knife handle. Had better use hydraulic pressure clamp, but, also can choose condensation type clamp, because this is solid in all application domain,give the reliable clamp method of firm installation. Should avoid to use pinchcock head, because this is planted,collet can nod generation stress in clamp, bring about whorl milling cutter to nod damaged here. Interior of large knife handle deserves to have condensate channel. Adopt whorl milling method, you can develop the function of contemporary CNC machine tool and latent capacity adequately. Strategy of machine tool, process designing and cutting tool combination are together, bring distinct working advantage, can let you shorten investment redound time, satisfy you to produce the demand of high quality whorl at the same time. Quote: "Compare with other method photograph, the whorl that machines through milling method falls in most circumstance more hard usage. " Kurt Gustavsson data expresses – Threadmaster Threadmaster: The rolled steel that applies to most type and stainless steel and cast-iron. Suit to machine from M4 × 0.

7 to M20 × 2.

The UNC/UNF of 5 dimension, NPT/NPTF and Whitworth whorl. Threadmaster H: Apply to hardness not to exceed the oil hard data of HRC 60. Suit to machine from M4 × 0.

7 to M16 × 2.

The whorl of 0 dimension. Threadmaster 900: Apply to the material of 900 N/mm2 of tensile strength prep above. Suit to machine from M4 × 0.

7 to M16 × 2.

The whorl of 0 dimension. Threadmaster Mini: Apply to hardness to come in HRC 45 the hard data of 60 small size oil between. Suit to machine from M1 × 0.

25 to M2.

5 × 0.

The whorl of 45 dimension. Drilling Threadmaster: Apply to cast-iron the bore in using a field with aluminium alloy, pour horn and thread machining. Cover from M4 × 0.

7 to M16 × 2.

The UNC/UNF of 0 dimension and Whitworth whorl. Tall cutting tool of hill of give typical examples of application of Driling Threadmaster of Threadmaster application give typical examples is a cutting tool of banner high-powered metal cutting manufacturer. The product range with tall hill includes a series of use thoroughly at turning, milling, auger cut, the cutting tool that boring, bore with a reamer cuts, razor blade and knife handle system. Hill is tall have product of more than 25000 kinds of standards, it is the supplier that metallic cutting domain offers complete solution, make the machine tool can equip all the time from main shaft cutting blade. CNC Milling CNC Machining