Xi Menzi is assembled craft is coordinated and size quality manages a solution

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The product is assembled is one of aerospace company production course main field, took up many production time is mixed production resource. The appearance of aviation product demand of complex, precision is high, make sure difficulty is great, to assure constructional accuracy, need course debugs time longerly, the development rate that affected a product badly and production cost. On the other hand, the product assembles the influence that get much, involve design of treatment of technology program, spare parts, tool, production to make wait for a series of elements. So, the precision that how ensures the product is assembled, production gives the high grade product that accords with quality requirement is a when enhance company competition ability major task. The intermediate link that conventional technology coordinates a method more, course is longer, need makes many appearance with example, the accumulation that created the method growth that dimension delivers, measure the error increases. Apply ceaselessly as what digitlize a technology at present and deepen, craft coordinated technical respect to use digitlization technology in great quantities, omited many standard tooling and special tooling, the intermediate segment that reduced a lot of dimension to deliver. But because coordinated a course to produce change, conventional technology coordinates a method to cannot satisfy present real need, caused the following problem: (1) a large number of intermediate link by slam the door, the number measures the technology that transfers a process to make sure the method makes crucial requirement, lack effective assess and method of test and verify at present. (2) the efficiency that how improves existing and harmonious process and accuracy, how to optimize tolerance allocation plan. (3) harmonious process involves much production data and quality information, artificial management already got used to the requirement with harmonious digitlization hard. The assembly of solution Siemens PLM Software craft coordinates the system that managing a solution with size quality is a closed circuit, involve design, technology, make, produce and detect each phase, supportive product fashions a process the size quality management of each phase. The solution basically includes 2 shares: Digitlize conformity of tolerance allocation, analysis and size quality management, data. What 1 digitlization tolerance allocates and the analysis digitlizes tolerance allocation and analysis to adopt pair of products, installation, technology is three-dimensional build model and several manage statistic to emulate will analyse and be optimized deviation and plan of fixed position installation are made in the system, make tolerancepublic errand and the manufacturing cost that drive the size quality that optimizes a design to improve a product to drop a product through control. Digitlizing tolerance allocation and analysis is one enclothes the concept that products plan, spare parts is made and rigs whole process, way of orientation of the definition that includes to cooperate clearance target to be worth, spare parts and form tolerancepublic errand definition, make those who assemble level assemble drift analysis to wait, and farther outspread design, check provides the pattern that affects a part to design, clamping apparatus is designed and measure a design to wait. Accordingly, it is OK to digitlize what tolerance allocates and analyse to carry out systematization ground monitoring and improvement the product produces quality. The application that digitlizes tolerance allocation and analysis is very wide, how to control the clearance between engine room door and doorcase, how to assemble a method to reduce the deviation that assembles system with first-rate, if where be made without investment,evaluate ship-fitter before craft ability, all these problems can allocate in digitlization tolerance and get replying in the analysis. Further, digitlization tolerance allocates and the analysis can be eliminated or reduce ship-fitter to provide (case of perfect outfit recipe) , reduce detail to examine demand (clear and real key is characteristic) , eliminate or decrease assemble spacer, eliminate or reduce product line to go up rectify and reform the job (if revise,wait) , reliable port is installed and change quickly, reduce main force paragraph assemble time, decrease as far as possible crucial, the workmanship with close pilot, costly need, through emulating an analysis to come attestation is designed. Digitlize tolerance allocation and analysis to be able to be being designed and make 2 respects optimize spare parts public errand, the crucial common difference that decides spare parts and assembly parts changes (the CTQ) , capacity that calculates treatment, point out the biggest factor of change of influence public errand, make reasonably thereby assemble order and outfit recipe law. On the other hand, digitlize tolerance allocation and analysis to be able to assemble precision to undertake test and verify to the product, the error that forecasts tolerancepublic errand and outfit recipe law actively to may be brought is fluctuant influence; Can have qualitative analysis and mensurable consideration to occurrence quality problem, find out crucial place, point out the method that solves a problem and way. Digitlizing tolerance allocation and analysis is one is based on 3D model, assemble order integratedly, assemble public errand of fixed position craft, dimension and form clamping apparatus of tolerancepublic errand, tool, spare parts is made wait for the dimension public errand that assembles precision influencing factor to analyse platform. Its work flow is: (1) automatic or it is OK to generate by hand map goes out assemble an operation sequential assemble a tree, through this tree structure can browse the spare parts in the component clearly. (2) in already automatic or handiwork is affirmatory inside order of ground of make choice of the assembly of each spare parts locates condition. (3) the key that decides to assemble system is characteristic, define crucial and characteristic measurement technique and precision need. (4) move emulate come check assembles change, this is emulated can forecast the change that issues to be caused jointly by tolerancepublic errand and the pair that assemble a part orderly in a certain operation. (5) the total deviation that computation gives every plan identifies influencing factor, be arranged next by size of scale of each influencing factor. Pass these information, the user can undertake " condition - result " comparative research, optimize tolerancepublic errand and outfit recipe law, the cost in eliminating a workshop to produce relapses tremendously experiment research. Such output is OK in advance detects potential problem, evaluate their seriousness and can apace is adopted correct measure. Digitlizing tolerance to analyse a tool also is the platform of a communication, mutual collaboration waits to be opposite jointly with production engineer in engineer of the product on this platform, craft engineer the size quality of the product and public errand undertake analyse and be optimizinged. Management of 2 size quality and data conformity digitlize the efficiency of tolerance allocation and analysis to rise, manage the mass data that involves in assembling craft to coordinate effectively, accumulate standard of the knowledge in digitlizing tolerance allocation and analysis and documentation; The quality feedback that the mass data that gets manufacturing site for can convenient, apace, get through makes craft design from production, dimension mass that builds complete closed circuit runs a system, siemens PLM Software gave out dimension program test and verify (DimensionalPlanning&Validation, DPV) solution. DPV is many more compositive the instant production data of different platform dogs to analyse and release a system, can help an user discover the quality problem in production in time, through the deepness to creating a problem the analysis seeks ultimate solution, reduce costly product line to stop a line thereby, improve the final quality of the product. The DPV design the product, craft and actual production data are valid the ground is compositive together, undertake associated report and analysis to these data, undertake reasonable conformity to existing mature technology. It is OK that value locates application digitlizes tolerance allocation and analysis the information that compose establishs design, production procedure shares a mechanism, design personnel can realize technology design and the error that production process may appear before production process, thereby target ground undertakes optimizing to tolerancepublic errand; Can improve the quality with harmonious craft and manufacturing efficiency significantly, for the assembly of the enterprise craft turns to digitlization to coordinate a method to offer from traditional harmonious method assure a method. (1) it is OK that application digitlizes tolerance allocation and analysis: Reduce a project to change; Reduce tool clamping apparatus to change, reduce assemble clamping apparatus cost; Reduce the amount of physical prototype; Shorten pilot production time, strive for trial-produce success; Reduce production cost through optimizing tolerancepublic errand; Reduce repair amount, improve product quality. More specific ground is OK: Optimize specific component cost and assemble the balance between assembly quality; Realize the component between same type and the interchangeability that divide assembly to assemble; Reduce pair of special tools (like special clamping device or spacer) demand; Undertake reliably install and be rectifyinged and reform quickly; Shorten product development cycle, reduce integrated cost; Push 6 Sigma strategy carry out; Raise client satisfaction to spend. (2) management of applied size quality and data set become can: Effectively management assembles craft to coordinate place to want data and analytic result, improve the efficiency that has digitlizing tolerance allocation and analysis, straighten the feedback mechanism of product and craft, get instant product and technical data, take optimal production technology, acknowledge quality problem quickly, solve the problem in making well and truly, the biggest change an user to measure and dog in quality the investment on the system. CNC Milling CNC Machining