Green makes the research of operation pattern and application

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In the light of domestic and international existing research lack makes operation pattern have the state of systems analysis to green, analysed green to make the meaning of operation pattern from the angle with compositive system above all, cut from 6 view such as influence of lifecycle of function, product, production process, resource shedding, environment, construction of system next, to green production operation pattern undertook relatively of the system elaborate, the green that built a kind of 4 layer structures then makes moving model, combine some machine tool to made an enterprise undertake applied study finally. The executive effect test and verify with this better business the characterization that can make operation pattern make whole to green through 6 view, should run a model to be able to think the enterprise carries out green to make provide reference. Foreword green is made is human society can develop the strategy and circular economy pattern continuously in modern manufacturing industry specific reflect, also be " long-term science and technology develop program outline in the country (2006-2020 year) " in one of 3 old thinking that develop about manufacturing industry domain. In recent years, had extensive research domestic and internationally to this, obtained many research positive result. The concept that green creates, connotation and academic system frame preliminary already form. Increase of consciousness ceaselessly as consumer environment, especially the issuance of a series of environmental protection law, code and standard and carry out, make can last what apply and carry out pair of manufacturing industry what green makes development appears more and more important. Accordingly, the operation pattern that needs to carry out green to make to supportable production enterprise undertakes study. Roberts is aimed at Australia the industry of Lanzhou of elder brother person develops a case, offerred a series of principles that build garden of industrial modes of life and relation to their environment and program means; The Pleshette angle from product lifecycle is formed to what give birth to state industry catenary and ran a mechanism to undertake study, combined electronic industry to undertake discussing; The Hemel obstacle that carries out green design to medium and small businesses and incentive element undertook thorough and careful analysis, offerred a solution; The strategy that creates Alberto to enterprise executive green undertook an analysis; Make progress Timothy to the green such as Europe, Japan and United States the circumstance undertook analysis and summary with executive circumstance, offerred the proposal that a few executive green make; A series of Liu Fei compositive character that studied green is made, offer green lubricious compositive production system from this, the system that discussed green lubricious compositive production system forms framework; Jiang Zhijiang executive mode that sheds two masterstroke to be made to green around green design and content undertook discussing. Review domestic and international research, although obtained many positive result, but it is to be aimed at specific district, specific industry and enterprise mostly, will analyse and describe the operation pattern that green creates from a certain specific angle, still need the point of view from the system, will understand in the round and describe the operation pattern that the green on common sense creates through much view, when building a kind of run-of-mill model to make an enterprise in order to offer in executive green, undertake consult and be drawinged lessons from. In view of this, the article is on the foundation that draws lessons from existing research achievement and work of research of summary early days, to green production operation pattern undertook relatively of the system discuss, combine some machine tool to made an enterprise undertake applied study. The operation pattern 1 that 1 green makes. The meaning green of 1 green production operation pattern makes operation pattern say how palpability carries out the problem that green creates, the framework that described solution of this one problem and moving mechanism. Specific will tell, the configuration of the manufacturing organization that green production operation pattern points to to applied green makes a technology and technical system and run way. It in order to realize minimum of negative to the environment effect, resource utilization rate is extremely high, make business economic benefits and social benefit coordinate target of actor melt into, with person, organization, technology, management mutual union is executive method, what flow through iformation flow, stock shedding, energy shedding and capital is effective and compositive, make the product can appear on the market fast, quality tall, cost low, service is good, contented green sex requirement, compete in order to gain the market. Closely related production system of green production operation pattern and green. The pattern that green production operation pattern reflected green to make a system be abided by in the place in moving process reachs his to behave configuration, also have the point of view from the system only at the same time, ability knows operation pattern truly, carry out green effectively to make. 1. 2 green make the 6 view of operation pattern describe green to create operation pattern is the gather of a group of models that depict green to produce moving feature. These models are the comprehensive, function that described operation pattern systematically, structure, characteristic with run mode. Study the operation pattern that green creates, the purpose depends on more the essential feature that the system is known deep and analyses green to create operation pattern, build green to make the referenced model that run then, the program design that is based on place to build a model to have operation pattern and carry out, the system is improved and optimize move. As a result of the complexity of operation pattern, if analyse green to create operation pattern only from some angle, the character of each sides that reflect green to create operation pattern hard and between each respects immanent organic connection, use much view ability to make operation pattern make integral characterization to green only. Absorbing, on the foundation that positive result studies related summary, the article wait for 6 view to be cut from influence of lifecycle of function, product, production process, resource shedding, environment, construction of system (graph 1) , to green production operation pattern undertook relatively of the system elaborate. 1. 2. View of function of 1 function view aims to describe green to make system and function form, cent makes element for systematic whole function, system function and functions of each moving process phase 3 parts. Integral function and target are to should come true economic benefits and can develop benefit to coordinate continuously the biggest change. Forming element function is the functional compose with different basis into the analysis the method analyses a system to make element, inspect their function from static angle. Functions of each moving process phase are the process level that runs according to systematic target, inspect their function from dynamic angle. 1. 2. View of lifecycle of product of 2 products lifecycle is the view of a masterstroke of green production operation pattern, it described the whole process of perforative product lifecycle. Through undertaking limitting to lifecycle limits and content, be inputted with respect to what can make clear each process in product lifecycle and output, mix to energy thereby of raw material make in order to reachs litter to undertake quantitative analysis to environmental influence, the main effect that also include to affirm qualitatively and may produce in analytic lifecycle. 1. 2. View of 3 production processes made process view describe green to make a system run complete mobile chain. Process view announced the real product that the product is analysed from market survey, demand and the information form such as product program design manages process and mutual and associated activity translate into to be able to satisfy consumer demand through a series of technologies discards as useless to the product, reclaim the whole process of processing and reproducing. Process view is the another masterstroke view that describes green to create operation pattern, the manufacturing treatment that it and product lifecycle view described a product, sale and reclaim the process such as processing and reproducing, but both the point of view that describes to these processes is different, the content that make an on-the-spot investigation is different also. What product lifecycle view makes an on-the-spot investigation is the input output of each phase in lifecycle, wait to environment and zoology influence then undertake an analysis. And process view, what pay close attention to is by why main body is passed why the method is handled why the problem comes true why the process itself of the purpose. 1. 2. The technical structure that view of structure of 4 structures view described safeguard system to move and organization are formed. Move to guarantee a system, serve as with certain technical measure and information system necessarily on one hand prop up, on the other hand the person is producing crucial main effect. And the effect that person place produces passes an organization to come true namely. Accordingly, structural view is divided into two parts, be the technical structure related to systematic function implementation and information system form, 2 it is a system the related to management organization in moving is formed and organize means. 1. 2. 5 resource try to make the resource in the system call production resource again, can divide for narrow sense production resource and broad sense make resource. Narrow sense makes resource basically point to corporeal resource, include stock (raw material, blank, semi-manufactured goods) the sources of energy, equipment; Broad sense makes resource besides include corporeal resource besides, still include capital, technology, information, manpower to wait. Be analysed through what to the system the resources in running whole process flows and build a model, can analyse resource to use up condition and its influencing factor, coach we raise utilization rate of systematic natural resources from overall point of view thereby. 1. 2. View of influence of environment of view of 6 environments influence described a system to run all sorts of activities in the process the influence to the environment. The causes possibly to the environment effect in passing pair of systems to run a course undertakes an analysis, forecast and evaluate. With respect to the way to deal with a situation that can put forward to prevent or reduce undesirable environment to affect and measure. 1. 3 green make the administrative levels model of operation pattern be based on afore-mentioned analysises that create operation pattern to green and description, authors build a kind of green of 4 structures to make moving model, if pursue,2 are shown. 4 contact cheek by jowl between the layer, form an organic whole. Among them, target layer is the map of functional view, it made clear environmental target of the system. Had specific target, with respect to the characteristic that can join enterprise self, use corresponding green to make a technology, advance what green makes to carry out, the harmony that achieves benefit of economic benefits, society and zoology beneficial result stage by stage then is optimized. Layer of product lifecycle masterstroke and layer of products plan masterstroke part correspondence is mixed at product lifecycle view production process view. Relevant technical structure and information system implement with systematic function in view of compose of finish of description of layer of information system support form, at the same time it also reflected the system in functional view to form element function. The resources in structure of green production operation pattern flows and environmental influence parts accumulate in be being contained at layer of masterstroke of product lifecycle process and layer of products plan masterstroke, be analysed through these two processes and build a model to be able to flow to undertake analytic mixing assessment with environmental influence to resource, and functions of each moving process phase in functional view also move in these two processes in be able to reflect. The application of 2 green production operation pattern 2. The overall train of thought that 1 green makes operation pattern application 2. 1. 1 three-dimensional classification refines afore-mentioned analysises is the run-of-mill characterization that makes operation pattern undertake to green from systematic angle, and disparate industry, the operation pattern that the enterprise of different function carries out green to make is different. Accordingly, build a kind very hard general, have the operation pattern that can carry out a gender. For more carry out green to make conveniently, must undertake classified refining to operation pattern above all. The three-dimensional taxonomy that we use dimensional dimension, industry dimension, function dimension undertakes classified to operation pattern. Above all, according to law of national economy classification of occupation, analyse and study disparate industry to carry out the general character feature that green produces, abstraction and feature of whole syncretic team industry (industry dimension) ; Next, form a complete set of treatment of the component in be aimed at feature industry respectively, the product is made modelling and mix model production function enterprise (functional dimension) , from catenary of workshop, enterprise, industry (dimensional dimension) 3 administrative levels undertake to operation pattern reasonable design is mixed refine. 2. 1. Executive green of 2 executive strategies is made involve an area wide, executive process is very complex, and investment is larger also. The enterprise can adopt pace of systems analysis, overall planning, cent to carry out, the executive strategy that breaks through mainly. 2. 2 application case is based on the overall train of thought of afore-mentioned analysises that create operation pattern to green and application, with some machine tool production enterprise green makes executive specific application undertake demonstrative as case. 2. 2. The type basis of 1 operation pattern is three-dimensional taxonomy, this enterprise carries out the type of the operation pattern that green creates to express place to show as follows. 2. 2. This enterprise combines 2 executive goals above all the program that actual condition and market demand established industry characteristic, enterprise to develop green to make, adopt pair of product lifecycle and products plan the analysis of two masterstroke, in the light of the machine tool Yuan Fucai makings is used up big, impact of the environment in use process is big wait for a characteristic, made clear two targets that break through mainly: ① raises the green sex of the product; ② increases to reclaim to deserted product the management of reconditioning. 2. 2. The deserted machine tool of masterstroke of 3 products lifecycle reclaims because machine,reconditioning machine tool is mostly precision and function cannot achieve a requirement and discard as useless, and a lot of components such as its lathe bed, pillar, main shaft and circumgyrate workbench did not reach design service life, but however as the machine tool discard as useless and damage or rustily, wasted the material such as many steel, iron. To raise the repeated usage rate of resource, this enterprise was strengthened discard as useless the machine tool reclaims the management of reconditioning, its flow is shown 3 times like the graph. Discard as useless after the machine tool reclaims, undertake function test and function are analysed first. Transform to can having a function discard as useless machine tool, undertake digitlizing transforming, improve its function; Transform to cannot having a function discard as useless machine tool, undertake disassembling. Among them, but the component of put sb in a very important position criterion repeated usage, cannot the component of put sb in a very important position criterion according to its material whether second birth undertakes parting handling. 2. 2. The green of the gear-hobbing machine product of masterstroke of 4 products plan changes design and the green that improve gear-hobbing machine product to change design and improvement end is to raise the green of gear-hobbing machine to use a sex, reduce the to handlers and environment effect in use process, if the graph is shown 4 times,its design circuit. Be designed through be being changed to the green of gear-hobbing machine product and improve, basically came true: The numerical control of gear-hobbing machine product changes ① tradition to design and be improved, while function promotes, reduced specific power consumption and noise apparently; ② can realize treatment of high speed, efficient rolling cut doing type, prevented cooling fluid pollution; The lathe bed structure of ③ semmetry, platoon bits implement can heat up broil quickly from lathe bed cut bits to eliminate, improved working environment; Shield of ④ hermetically sealed, big spent push-pull type defends the door, configure oily mist to collect implement, the treatment spot that makes original lampblack diffuses becomes clean environmental protection. 2. 3 executive effects are changed through green on one hand design and improve, developed the YKS3112 of gear-hobbing machine bed that improves what own own intellectual property through green sex successfully, obtained good sale outstanding achievement in the market; Strengthen on the other hand discard as useless the machine tool reclaims reconditioning, used useless old resource circularly. Green makes carry out the economic benefits with was brought better for the enterprise, established good company image, obtained better executive result. 3 conclusion (the configuration of the manufacturing organization that 1) green production operation pattern points to to applied green makes a technology namely and technical system and run way. Create the complexity of operation pattern in view of green, can pass functional view, product lifecycle view, production process view, structure view, resource view, environment to affect 6 view such as view to make operation pattern undertake to green relatively systematic description. The green of 4 structures makes moving model, can make to enterprise executive green offer consult and draw lessons from. Will be opposite to the thorough understanding of operation pattern and systematic description thoroughly analytic green makes operation pattern provide reference and guidance. (How is 2) carried out and run green to make, this is a systematization is mixed omnibus very strong issue. The enterprise can undertake refining to operation pattern according to three-dimensional taxonomy above all, formulate corresponding executive strategy actually according to the enterprise next. Among them, making development program and specific target is green makes the key that carries out successfully in the enterprise, the key of the program is characteristic of combinative company oneself the key link that goes up to product lifecycle masterstroke and products plan masterstroke offers a solution, undertake the pace is carried out dividing next. CNC Milling CNC Machining