Those who realize a mould is automatic with efficient treatment

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The mould of complete automation is made be not is a kick in one's gallop, the strong demand that brings by competitive pressure place however. Want to realize this desire, the route that take often may be twist is mixed endless, can not come true inside short time. Kegelmann mould made father Mr Stephan Kegelmann of technical company talk about the circumstance of this respect. Can say, he is according to new concept, the pattern that began him in new plant is made (at present the company has 30 stuff about) . So, the constituent structure of nonexistent tradition and dated machine tool come the implementation that block up meets automatically, all investment of the enterprise are to achieve the goal of automation. Kegelmann mould makes the mould of technical company is to pass software Winstat Framework (Zwicker Systems company) will implement automation, complete in this software system ground is compositive have program Work-NC-CAD and Work-NC (Sescoi company) . Henceforth, offerred such phenomenon such as makings and information of imprecise time feedback to make the history like what lack the job to confess makings or error paper, doubly, realized productivity rise, reduced labor intensity of the staff member. Graph treatment of 1 electric spark: Technology of this kind of treatment is special agree with implementation automation treatment. With the software that will implement automation, it is to use Yudigaosheng to produce efficiency on one hand, it is the automation that implements machine tool exercise on the other hand. Early an unified splint holds place of remove stage makeup and costume. Besides the electrode of black lead of machine tool milling that uses OPS-Ingersoll firm, compositive still the industrial robot of Erowa company. The mould makes stage by stage development and corresponding implementation automation. Now, this all things must want to be handled from whole and careful ground. To this, can use task management system (JMS) . This kind runs a system, in whole pattern production cogency decides the effect that can have to make process goes on wheels, jam in what there won't be content to flow in production process, do not need paper, won't lack number to be offerred doubly according to mixing makings. Graph 2 Work-NC-CAD: ?  of Ke of Lan of garden of  of Chi  far  shows ⒌ astounded? of some silk ribbon gets electrode from the design, generate deflection data automatically. People implements automation stage by stage certainly, it is above all spread out inside electric spark size range of pipe bent. To this, need implements the automation of 5 working procedure: It is to pass CAD scale to get electrode above all, undertake to its process designing, milling is mixed next measure, still should offer electric spark automatically to machine the information with necessary machine tool and electrode finally, so that can process work. Software Winstat Framework must be participated in together and use at the data that all choices and preparation provide the system to have trade. For this, winstat Framework provided management of task of efficient computer pilot and process government tool. Software can manage all technical data, task and project, through pressing key-press, software can offer further processing. Winstat software uses the help of contemporary chip technology, the take time that avoided to undertake on paper produces wrong record and the operation that carry out easily. Time of shorter pull current Cheng, gao Rou sex and higher process reliability are the effect that uses this kind of software, this is the final condition that do one's best of place of Kegelmann technology company obtains. Graph do 3 electrode measure: ? Does Sun Yu  draw out  of over sixty years of age to kiss instrument of far   ?

Making electrode while, generate important data immediately. Winstat Framework is by individual be used at automation to produce pilot module to comprise, this software can get used to existing company structure, and can direct compositive and ab extra module. The machine tool of treatment of such as electric spark that can make have and measure machine, and collect of CAM software Work-NC synthesizes a whole, this also is applicable to Kegelmann technology company. Get electrode to pass CAD system Catia, must want to have an appropriate module. "We have the software that there is the electrode program package with Catia data presentation in program traditional Chinese clothes to supply a company. Final we are not to should make the system undertakes distensible needlessly, " Mr Stephan Kegelmann explains. "Of course, before early, these software vendors did not satisfy us duplicate to such as electrode, mirror image, rotate and is the demand such as many positions on a tray. " Nextpage pursues the standardization of 4 tray: Install the economic benefits with place many workpiece and arise better. The associate that realizes innovation in CAM and CAD domain is in this respect, mr Kegelmann is the CAM software that should find a hope, the Ceng Jin of sale department head Mr Werner Möller that he is in charge of Work-NC of enterprise CAM software with Sescoi company chats too all right. Make come for years, work-NC is proved to be fruitful in the use of Kegelmann technology company, in the meantime, still can change electrode parameter into corresponding NC program. In addition, work-NC has to already included the corresponding CAD program that all sorts of different electrode choose. Mr Werner Möller assures to Mr Stephan Kegelmann, include the electrode module in Work-NC-CAD to be able to undertake adapting, make it applies to his enterprise. Kegelmann technology company accepted the promise of Sescoi company, decide to undertake cooperative. The time that this collaboration lasted one year, till the electrode that gets from CAD optimal ground is compositive till task management system is medium. According to the view of Mr Stephan Kegelmann, the requirement of this management system to his enterprise and his staff member is very tall: "We do not make certain concession absolutely, however have the aid of can undertake at a few menu and input full automatic change the job. Ask all information are gotten from CAD directly. Press on certain level key-press can get clearance of rough machining and finish machining electrode, scintilla and all and other feature parameter from which. " these parameter convey automatically in task management system, can use coordinate the working station from the back. The professional of ü of project director J Mr Rgen Barth of Kegelmann company and other staff members and Sescoi company works together, search for all tasks settle way. "This is the achievement that height of two collaboration enterprise innovates. " Mr Stephan Kegelmann complements approvingly. Graph 5 undertake equipment: ?  of N of urgent float of beard of ぷ of commonplace of  of Yi Si of form of  of ┙ of Ju of  of ginseng of  of sincere dice of Bin of anxiety ǜ Dong makes fun of AD of Zuo of ü of oil of benzene of ⒅ of the border of a field of   travel to get. Have the rough machining of electrode and precision work according to these information, obtain scintilla clearance and all and other feature parameter from inside information. Current, be in Kegelmann technology company, whole electrode production technological process runs automatically, and can be completely need not of paper. The file can be generated through pressing key-press comes, and can regard HTML- as documentation be called through couplet net (the skeletonize language that HTML is Hypertext Markup Language, chinese name labels to exceed text language, it is one kind is based on text with will state such as text, graph and the sign language that transcend link content, with the format that will define Internet file, still can use have a link with other webpage. -- interpret is noted) for this, terminal is set to be used in order to offer on all working station, use at undertaking controlling, place of no less than Mr Stephan Kegelmann emphasizes: "The handlers of the machine tool needs to convey data to the machine tool from blueprint no longer for certain. Here, all courses run automatically. Such, we reduce wrong input to lowermost rate. This makes our staff member very OK loosen, preoccupied the working job at him. " the better augment of ability of automation stimulative equipment is apparent, jump over circumstance of in the future to be able to have jumped over: "Once upon a time, machine tool of our electric spark treatment is the bottleneck in producing technological process, now the day is another kind of circumstance completely. Automation makes our productivity rose at least 30% . " achievement hind was obtained in domain of electric spark treatment, kegelmann technology company been beginninging project of hand the next -- the complete automation that implementation milling aluminium pledges with steeliness workpiece machines a process. Kegelmann technology company already invested the industrial robot unit that has composition of two milling machine, software is grow in quantity, in the development process of these software, still need the help of Sescoi company. Offer the G3 version Work-NC of the system of Work-NC software CAM/CAD of new generation, heretofore already sold many 6000 license in the whole world, this system can improve manufacturing efficiency further. Above all, thoroughly compositive operator face plate is conspicuous. Structure of operator face plate shows be clear at a glance, offerred a bigger indication range, main unit is the project government that all integratedly at treatment needs unit using. Software developed manufacturer Sescoi to still improve project management and graph to show the mutual connection between. In addition, can come true in real time show newest information. Mainer in Work-NC G3 version new function is integral rough machining and material of rough machining the rest. Produce smoother contrail through choosing milling technology by the actor of suitable mill. To rough machining, circumferential in Work-NC G3 version contrail moves to also can be chosen for the user as option. Want to undertake machining in sincere whole material only, this is expected to shorten significantly handling time and the service life that improve cutting tool. It is advantageous that the new finish machining function that Z axis secures is machined to high speed, because, this kind of function can arise to be mixed smoothly is to not have almost add the athletic contrail that quickens mutation. Eliminated the risk that flutter trace produces when treatment with the add strategy that will be started automatically. New function and strategy also provided a tool for 5 axes treatment. It can generate contrail of 5 axes milling automatically from existing 3 axes program. The component of Work-NC G3 is via improvement CAD program Work-NC-CAD (shows picture: Showed how to electrode is obtained in the design from the mould) . New gotten function is three-dimensional graph is compared. This kind of function can show according to direct figure will represent the difference between two three-dimensional models. In addition, the preparation that simplified to make electrode further works. CNC Milling CNC Machining