The design of electrode and production double challenge

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In online cut and domain of application of EDM mould treatment, the experts of EDM announced trends of such a kind of development: Of automation degree rise, combine nobody to turn operation treatment, make the treatment precision of the mould taller and taller, exterior quality is better and better. A lot of die manufacturer believe firmly, if they have the EDM discharge of high quality to machine a machine tool, they can cast off the worry of elementary and inferior black lead, but actually, want to obtain correct and appropriate EDM to machine precision, the quality of black lead is having very main effect. Concept Molds company (be located in close hold the Schoolcraft that brings a city) manager of department of EDM mould treatment Mr Chris Double faces a double challenge: Produce the job namely pressing do not be familiar with with the technology. The project of this company involves the mould of bracket of an accelerator footplate to make, among them the manufacturing need of reinforcement is many heat-resisting and anti-corrosive of copper alloy set bit. Although he has done a lot of works that ask to machine by the user, but the problem that Mr Double is used to handling solution to be the same as type project to go up to exist generally definitely, the surface that if the model is deepness of antrum dimension, reinforcement, crucial,detail and place hope is bright and clean degree. Generally speaking, these problems and the black lead that treatment job needs are concerned. Wanted to understand treatment requirement only, mass production staff can estimate a man-hour that finishs this project place to need accurately. Those are having a variety of metals to machine the manufacturing staff of experience, realise this task may compare difficulty, the problem that encounter may be more also. More troublesome is, machine material or Mr Double unfamiliar. Although he measures alloy to have certain experience to machining Gao Hantong, but be confined to set bit treatment smally. The wear extent that what machine as a result of EDM mould is electrode is big, and handling time is longer, because this is used at machining the lumen of small part only commonly. But now this project, the size of treatment is larger, and the external form is more complex. Basis before experience, mr Double had consideration, determined amount of requires black lead electrode. Its conclusion is: Complete the treatment of two models core that place of this one mould requires, will spend the EDM handling time of 4 weeks. He must find a better manufacturing way, so that finish this job job on time. Heat-resisting is anti-corrosive core of copper alloy model and electrode of a few EDM-C200, can see from plastic finished product among them what one part reinforcement shows the electrode to bring core in the graph, can machine necessary cut deepness to search solution innovation, quality and client satisfaction to spend and the core that the employee rank of high quality is Concept Molds company. The personnel that always looks around to the factory, metropolis discovery is being mirrorred on body of staff of automation line work to these value. Be in Concept company, make full use of those who have a technology is the key that finishs working plan on time. To satisfy client requirement, the company organizes employee discussion, try to find optimal production methods. Mr Double knows, want to solve this problem to need to find suitable black lead electrode. Generally speaking, the EDM200 of POCO company and EDM3 grade all can satisfy the need of treatment. The company of equipment of Belmont of black lead supplier that Mr Double calls him (be in close hold the Madison Heights that brings a city) Mr John Shore, after the requirement that tells him this one job, mr Shore suggests to use black lead of a kind of coppery, resemble EDM-C200 the sort of, in order to reduce handling time. This one proposal is the about graphite material knowledge that Mr Shore him basis accumulates and make. The EDM technology that Mr Shore has joined POCO company grooms class, know the different function between each grade black lead and the value of all sorts of treatment parameter. After recommending EDM-C200 before long, conversational content turns price issue. Prime rate is the black lead about whole. The price of EDM-C200 is equivalent to 4 times of the EDM-200 that Mr Double uses normally almost, still need to add high cost treatment next. Mr Double was not accepted instantly, whether the black lead that he needs to realize so high price is true useful. Result of test and verify before long, mr Shore can solve EDM to machine Gao Hantong measure the produces a problem proof related alloy with respect to this one material, machine for example heat-resisting and anticorrosive copper alloy. Because Mr Double is not familiar with the treatment parameter of EDM-C200 and the result that its expect, he asks POCO company provides technical support, ask the application that its expert Mr Jerry Mercer offers to machine parameter about the machine tool suggests. Machine deepness according to the ply of reinforcement and ablation, actually Mr Mercer confirmed EDM-C200 very quickly (10mm class) is not EDM-3 (5mm class) most agree with purpose of this one application. Because contain round horn radius in the corner of each chamfer,the element of another consideration is, is not the acute angle of smaller part diameter that need safeguards. Next, mr Mercer and Mr Double had coppery black lead and common black lead contrast. They think: When ablation machines ab extra metal, coppery black lead should use negative pole. The tall thermal conductivity of copper alloy can make the scintilla energy of whole workpiece very fast abreaction, and won't be in during shutdown inside the range that aux will be able to estimates segregation to be seen in scintilla, form bath of a metal. The negative pole of electrode can make electric current converse flow backwards, can optimize the energy of workpiece further thereby. The cupreous content in black lead can increase the conductivity of electrode, produce inferior resistor, be helpful for more effective combustion treatment. As a result of inferior ER, energy is conveyed through electrode workpiece, let electric current pass electrode better, won't give the electric energy of the sectional and deferent excessive of reinforcement. Although clean a condition very poor, but because operation time is very short, and shutdown time is very long, a very deep reinforcement can keep clear of immediately a particle inside, clear clearance clean. These hangover will be the not stable element that reinforcement works, bring about function to drop. Use research Mr Double browsed his whole technology manual, in the meantime, mr Mercer also compared the metallic cutting rate of EDM-200 and EDB-C200. Mr Mercer used computer program to undertake comparative actually, contain cupreous black lead in order to decide black lead is mixed to be mixed in heat-resisting anti-corrosive the percent difference on copper alloy. The place in the graph shows the electrode to bring core, can machine necessary cut deepness to be on this, the career that they discussed two kinds of material and wear away between different. The black lead with use the electrode wear extent that EDM-C200 place expects to want to compare normal is little 20% , and cutting rate of the metal rose double much. The fact proves, anticorrosive to heat-resisting domain of alloy copper application, the physical character of EDM-C200 has definite advantage, it can be reduced wear away and raise rate. Also spread out to discuss about the quantitative problem of electrode, mr Mercer believes, because its wear away less, each in the plan in 26 kinds of electrode, at least a kind of electrode can cancel. Mr Double preparation processes this one work in the ablation on machine tool of EX-22 of 3 water chestnut. Mr Mercer is familiar with the treatment on this kind of machine tool, he knows to there is an E to code the program applies to the black lead containing copper of 5mm granuality in package of Master Pack software. To use the EDM-C200 of 10mm granuality, need undertakes treatment parameter adjustment. EDM-C200 can use Yu Gengjiang's ablation to machine, then two people talk further increase the size below electrode, increase electric current in order to facilitate. Because had the electrode that machines reinforcement, working hours and shutdown time also need to adjust. Mr Double applied this one information to establish a program, use this one program, he can use the electrode data of a choice, machine this metal that uses a field, so that achieve first-rate efficiency. Begin production now all be all set, can begin production. EDM-C200 has been ordered, the production of electrode already also began. Manager of line cut EDM Mr Brad Gaddis of Concept Molds company machined 26 electrode: 4 each electrode in covering will be used at ablation to machine two models antrum. The production of electrode goes well, the work that ablation processes already be all set. Because EDM of 3 water chestnut has a 32 unit that change a knife, because this is major the job is OK nobody change an operation to move. Mr Double under the monitor machine tool of park of its mobile phone, when occurrence problem, he can get in time calling the police. CNC Milling CNC Machining