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Real time is measured and control grinding process

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Normal Align=left>   is in implementation high accuracy, high quality, efficient component treatment, measure a technology to having very main effect. In the grinding treatment of workpiece, as a result of emery wheel meeting generation wears away, the treatment precision that because this relies on grinder itself,will control workpiece is very difficult implementation. Use active quantity appearance to undertake to grinding process active real time is measured, it is the important segment in grinder treatment process. Normal Align=left>normal Align=left>   as electronic technology and automation technology, the application that measures a technology is wider and wider. It is a foundation with microprocessor, measure equipment with what circuit of large scale integration is a mark, already was being introduced in great quantities and popularize application, they created a condition to the development of mechanical manufacturing industry, bring very great benefit. But at the same time, because their advanced sex, complexity and intelligence change tall characteristic, also raised taller requirement on maintenance theory, technology and method. Normal Align=left>normal Align=left>   , drive of engine of masses car limited company implement the plant is relatively extensive to measuring technical application actively, because the main facility of my factory and product line are introduced from Germany, because this much is online,measure equipment to also be introduced at the same time along with product line, and basically came true full automatic change. For example, the MARPOSS P7 measuring instrument that crankshaft product line introduces is had not only online measure, nap of emery wheel balance, emery wheel, noise detects wait for a variety of functions, and still have light locomotive trip of emery wheel disappear, prevent collision function. Stability of this equipment performance, measure precision capability of tall, interference rejection is strong, uses UNIMAR measures head structure to design distinctive, hard usage, because this P7 is in the grinder with treatment precision higher demand,be able to apply extensively. Additional, the active quantity instrument that my factory uses still has Central Plains nicety to measure KOMEG of appearance, Germany to measure appearance, MARPOSS Evalue="3" UnitName="C">3C, E3U, E40, E5N to wait. Normal Align=left> measures appearance actively measure principle Normal >normal >   measures what appearance uses actively is the measurement that compares style monitoring method, it is namely in machining process, measurement unit is monitoring the dimension change of workpiece from beginning to end, transmit data quantity appearance in real time, the basis that measure appearance already the parameter with good set (kibble, essence is ground, light is ground, wait to dimension) give out signal to control a system to machine tool PLC, machine tool immediately has corresponding action, if change the rotate speed of emery wheel and feed speed to wait, form complete closed-loop control thereby (graph 1) . Of course, before loop of this closed circuit works, must undertake null calibration to workpiece, and, the work that processes to grinding even smokes sampling undertake metrical, the difference that reachs real value and theory are worth, offer parameter compensation on quantity appearance. Normal Align=left> affects the element Normal >normal >1, main shaft places poor Normal >normal >   main shaft places difference to decide what to machine the dimension precision of the spare parts, because give priority to momentum appearance place to collect data,general external diameter collects the least value, internal diameter collects maximum, main shaft places difference to cross congress to make workpiece appearance produces irregular change, the data that the place that measure appearance measures also can produce change, it is good that because this asks,main shaft places poor Yue Xiaoyue. Normal >normal >2, emery wheel balances Normal >normal >   emery wheel is having main effect to machining precision. Emery wheel of general qualitative generous needs to do before installation static balancing, taller to precision requirement craft treatment needs to do dynamic balancing to emery wheel, the newest product P7 that grinder of my factory crankshaft uses Italian MARPOSS company to produce will realize emery wheel dynamic balancing. Normal >normal MARGIN of the 150%">3, contact that measure a head: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 150%">normal >   measures head contact to use diamond or hard alloy material to make commonly, aborning contact can wear away gradually, should wear away certain level (it is compressed shape by ball deformation) when, need changes in time. Additional, sometimes alloy head also can fall off, this also is the factor that should consider in maintenance. Normal >normal MARGIN of location of 150%">4, work: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 150%">normal >   gauges very good to be being had by the fixed position precision of treatment workpiece demand actively, if locate occurrence deviation, will produce an effect to measuring the calibration of appearance actively. Normal >normal MARGIN of repeatability of 150%">5, sensor: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 150%">normal >   this is the main factor that the influence measures precision, because measure feedback actively to give CNC data, CNC undertakes according to feedback data emery wheel nap is compensated automatically perhaps, for example diameter of crankshaft main shaft and grinder of music abduct diameter realize emery wheel nap according to measuring appearance feedback data namely; After Evalue="3" UnitName="C">3C of product of MARPOSS of grinder of camshaft axis diameter uses treatment, measure, measure data to feedback to realize automatic compensation to NC. Normal >normal MARGIN of 150%">6, fold: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 150%">normal >   sensor also is the main factor that the influence measures precision, fold must accord with 1:1Relation, namely the specific value that real change quantity and quantity appearance measure size so that change measures must is equal to 1, the data that measures otherwise the real measure that cannot reflect work. Normal >normal MARGIN of 150%">7, other factor: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 150%">normal >   besides a few kinds of afore-mentioned main influencing factor, crock of drive of discharge of position of nozzle of the vibration of the machine tool, emulsion, emulsion, measurement unit, sensor measures the size of force to wait also is the factor that the influence measures actively. Normal >normal MARGIN of 150%"> representative application: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 150%">normal >   is with measuring instrument of MARPOSS P7 of crankshaft product line exemple, brief introducing light locomotive trip of disappear of the balance function of P7 measuring instrument, emery wheel and prevent collision function and measure a function. Normal >normal MARGIN of function of 150%">1, balance: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 150%">normal >   graph is shown 2 times, the installation inside grinding spindle has balance electric machinery, installation has oscillatory sensor near main shaft box, the vibration that measures appearance to collect oscillatory sensor to be measured in the P7 in machining a process is measured, repass and parameter of set of the interior that measure appearance undertake contrasting giving out dictating balancing electric machinery, balance electric machinery is received come from P7 instruction to undertake direction rotates differring, make emery wheel achieves dynamic balance. Normal >2, emery wheel and prevent collision function Normal >normal >   graph is shown 3 times, emery wheel end installs sonar sensor, its function is to collect signal of emery wheel noise. In machining a process, emery wheel moves near workpiece quickly, sonar sensor collects noise signal to input P7 to measure appearance, parameter of the set inside this signal and P7 (GAP and CRASH) undertake comparative, if signal extent is more than value of GAP parameter set, criterion signal of light locomotive trip of P7 output disappear gives PLC, PLC receives this signal to control feed axis by turn quickly for slow fast, turn to be entered for labour by speed namely. This function reduces manufacturing metre, improve work efficiency. If signal extent is more than value of CRASH parameter set, criterion P7 outputs one collision signal to give PLC, PLC receives this signal to control feed axis to suspend feed or withdrawal, at the same time PLC gives out call the police information informs collision of emery wheel happening. Normal >3, measure functional Normal >normal >   graph is shown 4 times, in grinding process, sensor collects work measure data to input P7 to measure appearance, this data undertakes comparative with set parameter in real time, normally P7 set 4 signal, namely kibble, essence is ground, light is ground, to dimension signal, the data that collects undertakes comparative through be worth with these 4 set, when achieving some signal to set a point, p7 output controls signal to give PLC accordingly, PLC receives this signal to control feed speed or emery wheel rotate speed to wait, in order to assure product quality. Normal > common problem reachs processing method Normal >normal >   measures the uses sort that measure appearance actively to differ, the question that appears in applying actually is endless also and same. The problem that a few kinds of place measuring appearance that the article uses with respect to my factory only appear tries to analyse solve. Normal >normal MARGIN measures before 150%">1, treatment: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 150%">normal >   crankshaft stops MARPOSS E3U is used to measure appearance to undertake metrical in the treatment that choose a side, ever appeared measure a head not to have the problem that controls piece of movement. Right now, should consider to measure head interior to receive piece of coil to whether open circuit above all, measure force to cross elastomer of the big, interior that measure a head to whether break off, all did not appear like these place unusual, the drive that reexamination controls the systole that measure a head board on whether does insurance open circuit, change when necessary this drive board. Normal >normal MARGIN measures in 150%">2, treatment: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 150%">normal >   crankshaft uses MARPOSS E40 to measure appearance, this quantity appearance uses 5 to measure a head to undertake to each diametical dimension real time is measured respectively, measure inaccurate issue via often can appearing, bring about control thereby nap of systematic emery wheel is frequent, treatment dimension is not stable. Solve what this problem should consider every to measure a head above all to measure power (namely contact and workpiece contact force) size, measure force to cross small conference to bring about commonly measure forbid, and measure force to cross congress to produce nick to spare parts surface, should consider contact next pliable, contact shoulds not be too smooth, it is semicircle commonly model. Additional, to the examination of sensor fold, answer to will measure a head to take shape first on, with feet of a place of strategic importance a place of strategic importance falls to contact, observe numerical value of the sensor that measure appearance changes, if change,quantity and value of feet of a place of strategic importance agree, prove this sensor times is precise, need to adjust the potentiometer in sensor BUFFER otherwise, make its achieve fold requirement, if cannot be achieved, change with respect to need sensor. Normal >normal >3, treatment hind measures Normal >normal >   camshaft axis uses MARPOSS Evalue="3" UnitName="C">3C to measure appearance, via regular meeting occurrence E07, E08, E09 calls the police wait for a problem: E07 calls the police demonstrative calibration breakdown, can mechanical to measuring a head zero, next electric school 0, this breakdown can be eliminated; E08, E09 calls the police mistake of demonstrative process designing, can enter process designing mode to examine the place that whether has a mistake to parameter check, sometimes batteries n is low can appear this breakdown, because this protects the batteries of ROM program,need changes regularly. CNC Milling CNC Machining