Software of fixed position of real time 3D

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Health be able to bear or endure inspect a company (Cognex Corp) new-style 3D-LocaetTM software is program of a companion, use management to machine vision and send feeling equipment, can raise visual guiding robot, assemble, and detect the ability of equipment. It can provide the positional information of accurate, real time, 3 dimension, let automation equipment can work with more components. Use 3D-Locate software to be able to improve content shedding, robot guiding to be assembled discharge battlements, accurately, the visual function with similar application, need not use expensive machine clamping apparatus or measure equipment. The application of 3D-LocateTM software model includes: Array of ◆ odd camera (read with 2D take methodological photograph to compare, it needs more data) ; ◆ robot sheet or stereo camera lead a system; ◆ much stage secures a camera; ◆ dimension is measured, classify and pick up collect an operation. Health be able to bear or endure the 3D-Locate software that inspects a company can with health be able to bear or endure inspect read a code, measure and detect the tool cooperates to use. It introduces feature of many 2 dimension (by health be able to bear or endure the PatMax of tool of geometrical model treatment that inspects company patent Huan Xinhuan of ㄒ of Tiao of honest of ├ of ù lip ǎ is tranquil 3 dimension are oriented. PatMax can be patient inhomogenous illume, although be fallen to maintain dependability as before by the circumstance of partial keep out in the model, ensure accurate component locates. Health be able to bear or endure the tool of other fixed position that inspects a company, if SearchMax and PatFlex can use 3D-Locate software likewise, those who will help a component direct and locate. With the scale tool of the high accuracy that will adjust optical distortion and camera position, and bring mobile element (like robot grasper) the performance that synchronism turned camera to improve 3D-Locate software. The 3D-Locate software that is a foundation with PC can be competent the application with bigger crop, and the user can choose him at will favorite industrial camera. "Because these systems cannot be offerred,the expectation that package of software of frequency of a lot of 3D cannot satisfy a client in the spot is mix reliably but reduplicative result, " health be able to bear or endure inspect a company to carry out vice-president to hold Markku Jaaskelainen of manager of branch of visual software business concurrently to say, "Health be able to bear or endure inspect a company to use oneself the 10 rich experience that use a field in 3D for years, development goes 3D-Locate this function is mixed formidably current software, it agrees with a variety of wide application. It agrees with a variety of wide application.. CNC Milling CNC Machining