Black lead is in the action in electric spark machine

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Chinese bully since scintilla Electromechanical accuses ark to develop, to black lead discharge treatment had major breakthrough. Integrate the character of graphite material, to black lead discharge machines this specification. 1.

The advantage of black lead does not suffer effect of high temperature percussive, still can retain its mechanical character. Show actually won't be out of shape ﹑ uses traditional method very look meaning treatment. Low density black lead make the electrode ﹑ with lighter weight make valence cheap economy. 2.

The defect of black lead Chinese bully its material has scintilla Electromechanical character abrasiveness, need the chute that notices scintilla chance changes a face, do not be infected with for black lead dirt. Traditional black lead machines the dirt of a generation, must add inside the factory install system of the wind that take a platoon. Black lead allows easy disintegrate, special caution wants when making, especially corner place. Cannot etch with acidity solution. 3.

In Chinese bully the effect of black lead of respect of treatment of discharge of electric spark machine is machined to discharge, black lead is material of beautiful of a special skill pledges, but some keys need to notice: Big electric current is machined (25A above) electrode is used up smaller than red metal. Small electric current is machined (5A above) electrode is used up taller than red metal. Treatment carbonization tungsten is very difficult. The metal electrode of dangerous sex prep above of abnormal discharge. Chinese bully scintilla Electromechanical should be used up be in with corner when intensity requirement is very strict, want to use high density black lead. Contrary, other black lead can store rise, application arrives use up relatively not important place or cavity treatment need not very meticulous when. Its machine latter rate is rapidder. Fine grained black lead applies at meticulous treatment. 4.

Remarks: The character of graphite material machinery and electric respect (1) resistivity: 8-15 Ω Mm2/m(2) density: 1.

6 to 1.

85g/cm3(3) boiling point: 3600 ℃ (6512 ℉) (4) coefficient of expansion: ℃ of 2-4 × 10-6 (1/6 copper) (5) is the biggest intensity: 200-700kg/cm2(6) size dimensions: 0.

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