Blow grind of cast-iron flat repair a method

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Cast-iron blow grind flat often serves as plane in machinist factory fiducial, cast-iron blow grind the reliable rate that the stand or fall of flat flatness affects product quality to detect directly. Because, the factory is right examine the demand of flat is higher also, to ensure its are accurate precision level, of flat repair very frequent also. Repair cast-iron blow grind the method of flat is the flat that be repaired and flatness taller fiducial flat undertakes is opposite grinding shovelling blowing, fastening a kind of method is traditional " 3 each other grind " law: Be blown to grind by Xiu Zhu iron flat and fiducial flat undertake procrastinating grinding shovelling blowing, till till be blown to grind by Xiu Zhu iron,the abrade stain of flat accords with a requirement, this method is the most intuitionistic, handy, also be to have most relatively method, but have better flatness to the requirement of fiducial flat, and norms must is more than be blown to grind by Xiu Zhu iron flat, and degree of precision also makes the same score broken former some after fiducial flat is used for a long time, it is difficult that fiducial flat compares repair. CNC Milling CNC Machining