Fiber-optic laser hits sign chance and CO2 laser to make the distinction of sign chance

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Laser hits sign chance to also be called is laser hits machine of carve characters on a seal of a machine, laser to wait for a variety of calling law, but the distinction that most person does not understand fiber-optic laser to hit sign chance to make mark machine with CO2 laser, next laser hits the technical personnel of sign aircraft manufacturer to explain to everybody, fiber-optic laser hits sign chance to make the distinction of sign chance with CO2 laser. Fiber-optic laser hits characteristic of sign chance performance: 1, function of the software that make bid is powerful, but the file of the software such as compatible Coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop; Supportive PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, can use font of SHX, TTF directly; Support is automatic number of the encode, serial that print, lot number, date, jump form code, 2 dimension code, automatically date 2, use unifinication whole structure, provide automatic focus system, human nature of unit process of cargo bandling is changed. 3, use former outfit to import isolator to protect fiber-optic laser window, enhance stability and laser life. 4, need not undertake any maintenance, service life is long, volume is minor, apply to harsh environment job. 5, treatment rate is rapid, it is the 2-3 that the tradition makes mark machine times. 6, efficiency of changeover of light produced by electricity is tall, overall bad news report is less than 500W, it is the 1/10 that laser of solid of lamp pump riverside makes mark machine, save defray of specific power consumption greatly. 7, it is a lot of better that quality of beam of light makes mark machine than traditional solid laser, for base model (TEM00) output, focusing facula diameter is less than 20um. Horn of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics is the 1/4 of laser of semiconductor pump riverside. Special apply to careful, nicety to make bid. CO2 laser hits characteristic of sign chance performance 1, the precision that make bid depth of fast, sculpture controls tall, rate at will 2, laser power is great, can apply to a variety of metalloid products to have sculpture and cut 3, the material that do not have bad news, finished cost is low- - laser moving life is as high as 20000-30000 hour 4, sign is clear, wear away not easily, sculpture and cut efficiency are tall, environmental protection, energy-saving 5, use 10.

Of 64um stimulate beam of light to carry spread bundle, the focusing, deflexion that passes control Zhen Jing finally, 6, press booked orbit action at workpiece surface, make working surface aerification realizes mark to cut the result. 7, mode of beam of light is good, systematic performance is steady, maintenance-free, the industry that suits serial production of large quantities of quantities, much breed, high rate, high accuracy machines the spot. 8, the most advanced smooth road optimizes design and particular graph method to optimize a technology, add laser particular exceed pulse function, make cut rate rapidder. CNC Milling CNC Machining