Own research and development in all course fuel injector detects automatically equipment

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The principal port diesel engine that develops the work is electronic-controlled in all course technology is one of technologies with current world the most advanced auto industry, it is contemporary derv motivation the trend is efficient, energy-saving with environmental protection surely the road of classics, also be derv car achieves Europe Ⅳ and the main avenue that discharge a standard higher. Accuse as diesel engine report in all the core component of rail system, in all the production precision of course fuel injector wants outclass tradition product, but treatment of pure support high accuracy, cannot realize batch production at all. Want to realize batch production, in condition of a premise is being made namely and rigging a process, use efficient and reliable high accuracy to detect equipment realizes 100 % detecting now grading. Pass all inspection of pair of crucial geometry quantities and function only, ability assures to make the consistency of process and product quality and dependability. However, our country is electronic-controlled to diesel engine in all the research of course technology starts later. Although one steam group passes the effort of 10 one's remaining years, already developed piece in all course fuel injector, but because do not have advanced detect automatically technology and whole set are special equipment makes a base, product innovation still stays in sample phase, fail to realize industrialization. Undeniable, want to form batch productivity, must rely on gender and high accuracy with efficient, Gao Ke in all function of assembly of course fuel injector detects automatically equipment is guarantor card. Current, abroad is made in all function of assembly of course fuel injector detects automatically the company of equipment basically has French EFS company, Italian LOCCIONI company, German IAV company and MoehWflld company. These companies make enterprise clasp with the fuel spray system of international mainstream, measured measurement technique to undertake study for a long time to fuel eject oil, formed respective and distinctive sheet technology of second eject measuring instrument, it is core with this, development goes in all function of assembly of course fuel injector detects automatically equipment. But these equipment prices are high, especially second eject measuring instrument and the expense that the technology serves reside sheet not to fall high all the time, what if our country enterprise is relied on,introduce is automatic detect overall or facility is only second eject measuring instrument will satisfy in all the batch of course fuel injector changes a test to produce demand, can lose market competition ability. Although our country has sex of assembly of many production fuel injector,can detect the enterprise of equipment, but what make detect what equipment adopts basically is measuring glass law or measuring glass say to weigh a law, cannot satisfy in all function of assembly of course fuel injector detects requirement. And individual business place uses in all function of assembly of course fuel injector detects equipment, the sheet that those who purchase is abroad second eject measuring instrument, core measures a technology not to have own intellectual property, and automation and intelligence change a standard inferior, as far apart as foreign equipment. Accordingly, right in all what the high accuracy of course fuel injector makes technology and product assembly is automatic detect the technology undertakes the system studies, in order to develop advanced special equipment, form in all what goods lot of rail system key makes is automatic detect system and relevant technology standard, electronic-controlled to driving our country diesel engine in all the development of course technology has extremely great sense. Trend of foreign technology development is current, abroad in all function of assembly of course fuel injector detects automatically the technical development trend of equipment is: 1.

Be opposite odd on the foundation that metric method studies little flow high speed continuously, the sheet that develops a high accuracy, high frequency noise second eject measuring instrument, and second discharge measures sheet precision already was as high as ± 0.

2mm, each measure a loop to be as high as small spurt 10 times. 2.

The intelligence of equipment is changed and automation level rises ceaselessly. Abroad is at present popular in all function of assembly of course fuel injector detects automatically equipment, use automatic outfit to place automatic and the fuel injector that be measured, sealed high pressure to test the way of fuel normally, without artificial interpose, in the meantime, used computer software technology and bar code technology in the round, the intelligence that realized assembly performance assessment is changed reach but date from sex. Own research and development in all course fuel injector detects automatically equipment falls in the support with national great and special science and technology, inc. of science and technology of aircraft division development and one steam group do not have stannic oil pump oily institute cooperates, right in all production process of course fuel injector detects mediumly the technology developed systematic research. Through adopting modular the technical course of research, understand in development in all on structure of product of course fuel injector and the foundation that function test asks, studied flowmeter measures module, pass many experiment argumentation, and the contrast of different module experiments, decided cubage discharge measures structure and algorithm, it is a foundation with this, ordinal studied automatic outfit places a technology to reach overall each key module of the structure, developed those who have own intellectual property in all testing stand of function of assembly of course fuel injector. The process is here medium, break through and innovated the following two technologies: 1.

Automatic outfit places two in all course fuel injector, realized extrahigh voltage to check automatic oiling and automatic and reliable sealed. Need to put the work that be measured fixed position only in, equipment can come true from outfit clip, measure uninstalled automation operation, measure data and be piled up by the 2 dimension of scanning workpiece one to one correspondence, in stocking computer database automatically, have inquiry, statistic and analytic function. Expert system checks automatically to place in all data of performance of course fuel injector undertakes an analysis, be judged automatically and show be measured in all the function of course fuel injector is eligible. 2.

Flowmeter measures module namely odd second eject appearance, can realize every loop most 5 small spurt, go out in order to measure every time delay time of the fuel injection quantity of eject, injection rate, open, shut the parameter such as delay time and duration, show law of injection in real time with dynamic curve means. Anyhow, inc. of science and technology of aircraft division development is had in careful research world in all on equipment of test of function of assembly of course fuel injector and base of forward position technology, join country in all the current situation that production of course fuel injector checks, made a variety of technology plan, undertook iteration experiment studies, final development went to be able to control cost effectively to be satisfied in all the equipment of demand of production of course fuel injector, will form with in all the product warranty system that photograph of workmanship of course fuel injector integrates. CNC Milling CNC Machining