Day establishs a tool to release treatment of steel of 68 kinds of tall hardness to use establish milling cutter to be tasted newly

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Day establishs a tool (headquarters: Tokyo) augment treatment of tall hardness steel is used establish milling cutter " Epoch TH Power Mill " the product lineup of series. Increased 18 kinds of blade this to grow 4.

5 ~ 30.

Of 0mm " short blade money " , 9 kinds 15.

0 ~ 55.

Of 0mm " in blade money " , 6 kinds 25.

0 ~ 75.

Of 0mm " long knife money " and radius of 35 kinds of round horn is 0.

2 ~ 3.

Of 0 " money of the horn that bring a circle " . Grow plus blade 8.

0 ~ 22.

Of 0mm " standard money " , this series adds up to amount to 86 kinds. Series of Epoch TH Power Mill, through making great efforts in appearance respect, raised tigidity and the eduction sex that cut bits, the TiSiN that passes Tu Bu to be formed by accept rice crystallization at the same time fastens diaphragm, rose to be able to bear or endure abrasivity and fight oxidisability. Begin oxidation temperature to be 1100 ℃ , diaphragm hardness is 3600HV. Comfortable treatment of the rough machining at tall hardness steel, groove and final treatment. Calorific quantity is less when be being machined as a result of cutting, still suit to do cutting. CNC Milling CNC Machining