The minimum that can prolong cutting tool life is cooling and lubricant technology

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While lubricant technology is raising cutting to machine exterior quality, various refrigeration doing type improve the service life of cutting tool. And the optimal solution that replaces refrigeration doing type to lubricate is minimum cooling and lubricant (abbreviation MMKS) . In metallic cutting and metallic treatment company, use cooling fluid is a very general issue. But it also brought particular issue to industrial business, hundred what the charge of if the machine tool is cooling lubricant equipment can amount to a machine tool to purchase investment: Increased an enterprise to want contaminant of the environmental protection duty of turn over to the higher authorities, industry and blowdown fee. These raised the additional cost of machine tool equipment. If cooling fluid processing is undeserved, still can increase environmental pollution, damage person health. Accordingly, in last few years, the cry that hopes to use refrigeration doing type to lubricate and desire are stronger and stronger. But up to now, while lubricant technology is raising cutting to machine exterior quality, various refrigeration doing type improve the service life of cutting tool. And the optimal solution that replaces refrigeration doing type to lubricate is minimum cooling and lubricant (abbreviation MMKS) . Air / oil fuses the technology that refrigeration uses air and lube eject this kind to be nodded to cooling action is very reliable in numerous cooling method of lubrication with what have conviction. In the milling in steel of cementite of alloy of aluminium alloy, nonferrous metal, low alloy and tool steel and turning treatment, this one technology received successful application. Company of Oelheld of cooling fluid manufacturer participated in much research and project development, so that mining MMKS minimum is cooling and lubricant bigger application field. They attend among them project of a research and development, it is the stainless steel that with minimum cooling technology replaces a large number of refrigeration auger cut technical project, and the metallic stuff that stainless steel is a kind of very difficult cutting. The material of X90CrMoV18 stainless steel of tall to this kind alloy (contain chromium 18% , molybdenum 1.

3% , vanadium 0.

12%) , minimum is cooling and lubricant technical use is a demand is very high really tackle key problem project. This kind of tall alloy steel is having very good corrosion resistance can, it is to suit to make tall wearability part (be like scroll bearing) or the material that makes surgical operation instrument. When processing data of this kind of metal, get those who cut treatment generation, the quantity of heat that conducts part of orifice acute angle is a difficult problem that must solve. Cooling inadequacy can make get cut cutting tool to wear away very quickly, plasticity of generation of broach cutting blade is out of shape will make its lose cutting ability finally. Connecting general reason condition to fall, minimum is cooling and lubricant cooling and lubricant material of the system is mix with mineral oil, lubricant ester synthetic oil is made for basic material. And cooling and lubricant material is in the minimum that material of this kind of foundation makes minimum is cooling and lubricant medium effect is unidentified however show, although use different additive, also the durability of the cutting tool when short of large flow is cooling and lubricant. When processing this kind of data, because refrigeration is lubricant the capacity is insufficient, still accentuated the formation of the tumour that accumulate bits, and because cut the temperature of bits to be mixed higher,be out of shape bigger, make bits function becomes poor. Accordingly, the broach that is necessary to be used to place is mixed in its geometry appearance, dimension, base material the respect such as exterior coating material undertakes optimizing improvement. The optimal effect of broach durability is to pass data of use TiAlN/MoS2 coating, the broach of microcrystalline hard alloy that combines microcosmic geometry dimension to improve will come true. Those who optimize is modular lubricant system lubricates to find the most appropriate minimum to cool material, the researcher of Oelheld company was used reliable modular system of product research and development, undertake optimizing through active additive above all namely. For this, engineers of research and development didn't according to 5 kinds of basic active additive group spread out working: ? Aurelian?AW): of press and smooth of ぬ of ニ Chi late? D of which ニ Zhen does play of herd of Cui of bank of Qiang of rice huller of Zhong of fish hawk of admire of low-lyingponding colourful of tribute of ü  oxime knock at to appear?EP): of herd of aurelian collect of crash solid press and smooth from poison of badger of Χ  acenaphthene? Does shaming crash buy archives of land of the twin that appear Nao to steal Σ of rapid of archives of = of Zhen of ニ of Xie of ⒐ of Nai of Lai of  of Ma of rice huller of Zhong of fish hawk of Gu of Xing of sulphur of poisonous smile radon to expect stool  suckles aurelian?FM): of press and smooth? ソ of Ao of Li of archives apprentice fish hawk oh ケ rice huller refineds which Σ expects Tuo of stool   falls on his back  of wholesale of Qiao Hansan Q is planted duckweed? prevents cooling lubricating fluid because of oxidation solidify and material of acidification of deoxygenate polarization form. Antiseptic: ? ü  censures abb of Lei of rice huller of fish hawk Zhong is killed; Le Gumin of つ ぃ  takes off Xi lens of  of cover with a straw mat of the small check mark that hold release is Ci Li  of Mucong of predestined relationship of benzyl of  of call on of Hui of Yang of Qian of  of evil spirit billow of abb of  of that order octogenarian value of H of cave Tuan Qu . Finally, engineers of research and development chose the organic salt of water-solubility to be a foundation. Its higher water content is very important, do a series of tests that had had prove: ?  of Ni of capture of throat of be ignorant of of A Chinese-style unlined garment of aurelian Lao of press and smooth of  instrument grandma knocks at which rapid バ to read Yan to carry 4 alarm of the  that receive glad on the back to protect  tip to carry Xin Song of  of stool admire Niao inspects herd of establish of Sun of rotten deceive suddenly along poison is to mire  of Ci Li of Cong of plutonium × Ke. Was to join AW to fight above all wear away repellent, joined EP to be able to bear or endure again next high-pressured additive. So far, the durability photograph of broach of the stainless steel when with large flow refrigeration lubricates is compared, the cutting tool life when minimum is cooling and lubricant rose 60% . To improve cutting tool service life, also can use minimum when processing tall alloy steel cooling and lubricant means. CNC Milling CNC Machining