The high strenth heat that applies to light structure to make is out of shape rolled steel

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Be weighed for " punch sclerosis perhaps is out of shape sclerotic " Ban material is out of shape processing technique is in car of Golf of new generation masses the elegant demeanour that showed oneself again. The frame majority spare parts of this car is by extra high strength heat is out of shape process rolled steel (UHSS) make. And Golf is people corporation merely in numerous car model one uses heat of extra high strength to be out of shape the delegate of technology of platform of rolled steel MQB. "The demand that having security of very tall collision and solid light structure solution formidably to function is out of shape from Ban material in 10 years of short time the development in processing technique rises. " Dr. Kurt Steinhoff that Kassel university is out of shape processing technique fastens engineering technology of professor, production and content to shed technical institute to be in charge of machinery making says. Subsequently, it is not only in frame design, large-scale idea change appeared in the processing technique in frame component: Global heat is out of shape rolled steel of treatment extra high strength (UHSS) crop and the output that extra high strength moves qualitative steel had apparent addition. In the professional technology lecture that studies during the European Ban material 2012 is exhibited association CHS2 is organized, you can understand heat of extra high strength to be out of shape the development trend of steel and relevant technology. In two lectures hall gross in lecture of 20 special subject, introduced heat to be out of shape the newest development state of affairs of processing technique. Among them, the heat of Ban of anticorrosion galvanization iron is out of shape treatment is the focus that people pays close attention to. The special subject lecture of business of a lot of production of famous Ban timber involves heat of galvanization steel Ban to be out of shape the research and development of treatment and achievement of research and development. Will tell with respect to the material of steel, assuring heat to be out of shape the fusion of the rolled steel of spare parts function manufactures a technology also is very important. In last few years, the research organization is in what benefit of technical secondary school of this one domain applies a measure to increased to prove this trend. "In the technical lecture 2012, heat is out of shape the process design of treatment is put in very significant position. " Mr Steinhoff emphasizes saying. The key of these lectures arrives from the newest development of punch technology and fusion technology Laser Cutting technology, till new-style material adds composition and corresponding coating skill. In the overview lecture that introduces overall condition, swiss Lule? Professor Mats Oldenburg of technical university is generalized besides the content that introduces whole lecture besides, still introducing well-known software technology company is how to use fictitious technology tool to help technology design and products plan solve crucial technology problem. Altogether, what the CHS2 technology lecture 2012 introduces is Ban material is out of shape the top class star in processing technique domain. But the special subject report that cannot not hear the most importantly is car production company people the special subject report that makes: To extra high strength heat is out of shape in the car that they design production in oneself rolled steel (UHSS) actual application is having the deepest knowledge and understanding. CNC Milling CNC Machining