Shandong innovation goes close solid to wear stringy annulus device to develop a success

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The steel cable leather belt that mine of Hua Feng of group of mining industry of Shandong new short of Wenshui River leaves to the well wears stringy annulus, it is to be placed directly previously go up in bracket, bind with iron wire fixed, as a result of steel cable leather belt open or when halting use, have flexibility and inertial, this one fixed means very go against safety to move. Recently this mine ability assist Han Zhenfu of worker of department of service group team leader, integrated maintenance, on-the-job industry ability assist captured below assistance energetically this one difficult problem, name achievement of this one innovation for " brace up rich close solid wears stringy annulus device " . The construction of this device is: In a 5 × cut on 5 centimeters square armor plate give the elliptic hole aperture with conform to of head of the axle that wear a strap, solder in the lower part of armor plate a length is 5 centimeters, the diameter is 1.

2 centimeters screw lever, next thrum of screw lever join a 3 × 2.

5 centimeters U ask slot, secure whole plant with nut finally go up in bracket. As a result of science of this device principle, hard usage, plus with expect economic, modelling is beautiful, put an end to iron wire waste, increased safety to be able to charge rate, economic benefits is very considerable. This mine ability assist already decided batch makes this one product now, in order to satisfy the requirement of the safe production below the well. CNC Milling CNC Machining