Company of group of Hangzhou machine tool obtains 4 patent to file order

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Company of group of Hangzhou machine tool received the announcement of bureau of national intellectual property a few days ago, the invention that the company applies for is patent (application date: 2005011495999) , preliminary investigate qualification. So far, the company obtained 4 patent to file order in all this year. There are two in these 4 patent technologies is invention patent, already all passed preliminary examine, can apply for to enter materiality to examine, other two are practical and new-style patent. The company increased the development of product patent technology and research in recent years, the product that owns own intellectual property comes out ceaselessly, if canal of FHG-009 steel model heats spherical outside surface of numerical control of compound device, PMS-006 16 numerical control of × of body grinder, MKL7150 are puissant high accuracy of numerical control of product of figuration grinder series, MKG7350 lies Yuantaiping grinds the axis etc. CNC Milling CNC Machining