Numerical control device (CNC)

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Summarizing numerical control device is the core of system of machine tool numerical control, understand its in the main effect in the system, as a result of its importance in whole system. One, the composition of CNC device looks from the angle of automata, CNC system is a kind of position (orbit) control a system, its are substantially implement a part with how (each movement rod) the automation system that displacement quantity is control object and makes its coordinate motion, it is a kind of computer control system that deserves to have special operating system. From the point of exterior feature, CNC system is by hardware (general hardware and special hardware) with software (special) two much comprise. The hierarchy of hardware of system of the hierarchy 1 of hardware of system of graph 5-1 CNC, CNC by the computer basic system, equipment supports layer, equipment layer 3 parts composition. The functional structure of software of system of 2, CNC looks from essential feature, CNC system software is the special operating system that has real time sex and much task sex. From the point of functional feature, special operating system controls software by CNC management software and CNC two parts composition. It is the soul with CNC live system. Its structure block diagram is shown like graph 5-2 place. The action of software of hardware of 3, CNC and correlation hardware are a foundation, the systematic software that software is incorporeal CNC device falls in the support of systematic hardware, reasonably each organization, job that runs whole system, realize all sorts of numerical control functions, make the requirement of numerical control machine tool according to handlers, ground of in an orderly way undertakes machining. The hardware of CNC system and software formed the systematic platform of CNC system, if pursue,5-3 place is shown. This platform has the following the meaning of two respects: Provide the necessary function that CNC system configures basically; Functional design and development can have according to the requirement of the user on platform. 2, the advantage of CNC device 1, the function that has flexibility and versatility CNC unit comes true by software mostly, and soft hardware uses modular structure, make the modification of systematic function, augment becomes relatively agile. Its configure CNC device basically is general partly, different numerical control machine tool configures corresponding specific function module only, in order to realize specific control function. Function of 2, numerical control abounds interpolation function: Interpolation of curved surface of 2 curves, batten curve, airspace; Compensate a function: Athletic precision compensation, random error compensation, nonlinear the man-machine interaction function such as error compensation: Of treatment move, the static state dogs show, function of process designing of window of advanced man-machine interaction: Process designing of plan of G code, goal, part is automatic process designing function. Device of tall CNC of 3, dependability is used compositive degree of high electron component, chip, use VLSI (VLSI) itself is dependability assure. A lot of functions come true by software, make the amount of hardware decreases. Abundance breakdown is diagnosed reach protective function (come true by software mostly) , the frequency that can make systematic breakdown happens thereby and the repair time after malfunctioning are reduced. 4, use safeguard convenient operation to use convenient: The user needs the reminder according to menu only, can undertake be operatinged correctly. Process designing is convenient: Automatic desired result and imitate emulate the function that has a variety of process designing, program function. Safeguard maintenance to go to the lavatory: The part safeguards the job to undertake automatically daily (lubricant, the regular examination of crucial part wait) , diagnose a function of numerical control machine tool oneself, can realize breakdown quickly to allow to locate truly. 5, the volume that realizes system of Electromechanical unifinication numerical control to control ark easily is minor (use the computer, hardware amount decreases; Of electronic component compositive degree taller and taller, of hardware reduce ceaselessly) , make its and machine tool are united in wedlock together to become a possibility on physics, decrease cover an area of an area, convenient operation. 3, the function of the functional CNC device of CNC device is to show contented user operation and machine tool control the method of the requirement and medium. The function of numerical control device includes basic function and choice function. Basic function -- the function that numerical control system configures basically, namely necessary function; Choose a function -- the function that the user can choose according to effective demand. 1, control a function -- CNC can control and can the feed axis classification of CNC of number of axle of linkage pilot feed: Mobile axis (X, Y, Z) with rotor (A, B, C) ; Basic axis and add axis (U, V, W) . Linkage control number of axle is more, CNC system is more complex, process designing is more difficult also. Function of 2, preparation (G function) -- the function of way of movement of instruction machine tool. Function of 3, interpolation and fixed loop function -- interpolation function is outline of spare parts of implementation of numerical control system (plane or space) the function that processes orbit operation. -- fixed loop function is implementation of numerical control system typical treatment circulates. (be like: Bore, tap, bore hole, deep Kong Zuan is cut and cut whorl to wait) function.

Function of 4, feed -- the control function of feed speed. Feed speed -- control cutting tool is opposite the athletic speed of workpiece, the unit is Mm/min. Synchronous feed speed -- the synchronism that achieves cutting speed and feed rate, the unit is Mm/r. Feed fold (feed repairs tone to lead) -- artificial real time writes melody beforehand given feed speed. Function of 5, main shaft -- the control function of the main shaft of numerical control system. Main shaft rotate speed -- the control function of main shaft rotate speed, the unit is R/min. Constant linear velocity is controlled -- the control function that the cutting career that cutting tool cutting chooses is constant speed. Main shaft is directional control -- main shaft Zhou Xiangding is located in function of specific place pilot. C axle control -- main shaft function of pilot of position of Zhou Xiangren meaning. Main shaft repairs tone to lead -- artificial real time writes melody beforehand the main shaft rotate speed of set. 6, auxiliary function (M function) -- the function that is used at dictating the machine tool assists an operation. Function of 7, cutting tool management -- the administrative function that realizes dimension of pair of cutting tool geometry and life. Dimension of cutting tool geometry (radius and length) , for cutting tool compensation function is used; Cutting tool life is to point to time life, when cutting tool life expires, CNC system changes clew user cutting tool; CNC system has cutting tool number (T) administrative function, the cutting tool that is used in label knife library and automatic choice machine cutting tool. Radius of cutting tool of function of 8, compensation and length compensate a function: The function of the contrail of center of programme controll cutting tool that implementation weaves by spare parts outline. Transmission catenary error: Include pitch error compensation and function of backlash error compensation. Nonlinear the error compensates a function: To such as heat is out of shape, static flexibility is out of shape, dimensional error and wear away by cutting tool the machining error that causes, use the new technology such as system of AI, expert to undertake building a model, use a model to carry out online compensation. Function of 9, man-machine interaction has in this kind of function in CNC device: Menu structure operates an interface; The editor environment of spare parts machine program; The indication of information of system and machine tool parameter, condition, breakdown, inquiry or modification picture. 10, diagnose a function oneself -- forecast of breakdown of CNC automatic implementation and the function that breakdown locates. Switch on the mobile phone to be diagnosed oneself; Online diagnose oneself; Diagnose oneself from the line; Long-range communication is diagnosed. Function of 11, communication -- the interface of functional RS 232C that CNC and outside undertake information and data are exchanged, can convey spare parts machine program; DNC interface, can realize direct numerical control; MAP(makes automation agreement) module; The net gets stuck: Get used to the requirement with the production compositive system such as FMS, CIMS, IMS. CNC Milling CNC Machining