Ji Jizhi of technology of Plasma Cutting numerical control can be changed

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In industrial production, the metal heats up cut to basically blaze cut, Plasma Cutting, Laser Cutting waits. Among them Plasma Cutting and blaze cut photograph are compared, its cut limits wider, efficiency is taller. And the respect of cut surface quality in material already was close to technology of high accuracy Plasma Cutting the quality of Laser Cutting, but cost is far however under Laser Cutting. Accordingly, since from 20 centuries 50 time metaphase develops a success in the United States, Plasma Cutting technology gets developing quickly. The development of technology of 1 contemporary Plasma Cutting 1.

1 20 century the traditional Plasma Cutting of 50 time from 20 centuries plasma of 50 time metaphase since arc craft, quite a few considers to ever devoted oneself to to increase to arc is compressed and do not produce Shuang Hu. The plasma arc cut of that period application is called now " traditional Plasma Cutting " . If the user is in cut is much more phyletic and different board thick metal, traditional Plasma Cutting will be very trival. For example, use stainless steel of cut of traditional plasma craft and aluminium, need uses different gas and aeriform discharge in an attempt to to acquire optimal cut quality on two kinds of afore-mentioned metals. Although traditional Plasma Cutting from 20 centuries 50 time arrive 90 time reside 20 centuries dominant position, but this kind of craft often needs very costly argon hydrogen gas mixture. 1.

2 20 century in 20 centuries 60 time invent the technology of double air current of technology of double air current of 60 time, it is all round plasma nozzle increased gas of another kind of protection. Normally, in operation of double air current, cut is enraged or calling plasma gas is mixture gas of nitrogen or argon hydrogen, and protective gas is according to the metal of place cut choice, use typical protection uses air when gas cut mild steel, CO2 is used when cut stainless steel, and air mixes with argon hydrogen when cut is aluminous. This kind of technology should compare blaze cut in speed of the cut when cut carbon steel fast. The main good point of this method is nozzle can be concealed inside cover of air of pottery and porcelain or protective cover, prevent nozzle and workpiece contact, decreased " Shuang Hu " the trend that produce, protective gas covered cut area, improved cut quality and cut speed, return can cool spray head and shield. Air Plasma Cutting is in 20 centuries 60 time are inchoate introduce those who be used at cut carbon steel. The exothermic reaction of the oxygen in air and fused armor plate can provide additional energy. 1.

3 20 century 70, century of Plasma Cutting 20 of 80 time oxygen 70 time are inchoate, discovered a kind of industry is available hafnium and zirconium, it can be defied burn caustic quickly in the electrode material that aerobic plasma brings about because of high temperature in arc cut. Oxygen aroused people pole large interest as gas of a kind of plasma. Oxygen becomes a possibility as plasma gas later, aerobic plasma application makes the newest progress of technology of plasma arc cut at carbolic steel cut. Aerobic Plasma Cutting satisfied big range, without the condition that hangs place of cut of rate of broken bits, tall cut to need, when level of inferior electric current is operated, raise cut rate considerably, and generate smooth, Founder and softer cut margin. Brim of this kind of cut undertakes more easily bend or soldering machining. All armor plate, include tall hardness low-alloy steel inside, with this kind new technology can come true not to have the cut that hang broken bits basically. 1.

Ji Jizhi of Plasma Cutting of 4 contemporary high accuracy can change development 20 centuries at the beginning of 90 time, "Careful plasma " the concept enters the market, challenged laser market first. Laser Cutting is had because of its protecting accurate precision while the capacity that generates high quality cut, the competitor with be in a metallic cut industry is Plasma Cutting main. The manufacturer of plasma equipment people increased the effort that its are designing a respect, in an attempt to improves the cut quality of its equipment further. Through narrowing greatly nozzle hole size and generation is exceeding compress arc, plasma Cutting obtained the high energy density that needs with place of laser product competition. Careful plasma system has made the advanced plasma product that competes with laser photograph in metallic cut industry. What classification of 2 Plasma Cutting and its application basis form means of refrigeration of the medium, interior that cut quadrature and cut mass Plasma Cutting from body is different, plasma Cutting method here cent is 3 kinds: Air Plasma Cutting, traditional Plasma Cutting, high accuracy Plasma Cutting. 2.

The medium that method of Plasma Cutting of air of 1 air Plasma Cutting uses is prevailing air. It uses the carbolic steel with cut quality inferior requirement commonly. Air Plasma Cutting has air only / air combination, can use at cut all electric metals. The rated electric current of most system is 100, 120 A. The optimal cut ply of automatic cut system is air plasma normally 15 Mm, cut quality can amount to 4 class of IS09013 even 5 grade level (1) seeing a table. As technical development, those who be used at craft of air Plasma Cutting is fragile life is lengthened significantly. System of air Plasma Cutting has air cooling kind only. 2.

Traditional Plasma Cutting(of 2 traditional Plasma Cutting sees graph 1) is used commonly same kind of gas (it is mixture gas of air, nitrogen or argon hydrogen normally) will cool and produce plasma arc. Use steel of air cut carbon commonly, with nonferrous metal of other gas cut, cut craft can use a variety of gas combination. Graph steel of carbon of Plasma Cutting of tradition of signal of craft of 1 traditional Plasma Cutting can amount to 15 Mm, and cut stainless steel can amount to 160 Mm, cut quality can reach 4 level of IS09013 even 5 grade level (1) seeing a table, basically use at holding cut and circumstance of common Plasma Cutting. Use water-cooling means for the most part, fragile below the support of new technology life is lengthened significantly. 2.

The plasma arc that Plasma Cutting(of high accuracy of Plasma Cutting of 3 high accuracy sees graph 2) current density is very high, it is common plasma arc of current density multiple, electric arc stability is tall. At present quality of surface of high accuracy Plasma Cutting already amounted to the floor level of Laser Cutting, cut quality can amount to 2 class of IS09013 even 3 class (standard of 1) seeing a table, and the 1/3 that its cost has Laser Cutting only. In cut thin can acquire admirable cut quality at the plank of 16 Mm. The promotion of quality is come from use latest technology to compress electric arc effectively, thereby great increase energy density. Asking to move with inferior speed is to let athletic equipment can advance accurately along designation outline. This craft is used at only machine with cut circumstance. Nextpage pursues Plasma Cutting of high accuracy of signal of craft of Plasma Cutting of 2 high accuracy uses double air current (Dual Gas) technology. Plasma argon enrages method of one hydric cut to use gas of easy ionization argon and heat conduction property good hydric as working gas, both binding energy forms the plasma with the arc column with high density of stable, energy and cut strong capability bundle. But because the price is relatively high, use at taller to cut quality requirement stainless steel and aluminous cut commonly so. Because plasma oxygen cut works medium is dissociation heat the tall, sex that carry heat the oxygen with good, lively chemistry, have cut rate consequently fast, workpiece is out of shape small wait for a characteristic. Newest technical application makes electrode life grows significantly. Water mist is protected (Water Mist Secondary)Plasma Cutting(sees graph 3) is come from evolution of craft of double air current, use water replaces protective gas. Better cut quality can be acquired when cut stainless steel and aluminous material, especially 10 Mm the following stainless steel and aluminous plank. This craft is used at only machine with cut circumstance. Because use water to regard protection as gas, cut cost than nitrogen / craft of argon hydrogen mixture gas is reduced greatly. Graph the application of the core part that sketch map of craft of Plasma Cutting of protection of 3 water mist uses in system of 3 contemporary Plasma Cutting and system of development Plasma Cutting control box by power source, gas, cut gun and composition of CNC control equipment (4) seeing a picture. Introduce the characteristic of each components and development respectively here. Main part makes system of graph 4 Plasma Cutting 3.

Power source of plasma of system of 1 plasma power source is a basis principle of plasma arc generation will design. Plasma power source is working gas with compressing air, with plasma of high temperature high-speed arc is heat source, will by the metal of cut local and fused, use high speed air current to blow fused already metal at the same time, form narrow kerf, achieve the goal of cut thereby. In recent years technology of plasma power source gets rapid development, the application of sex of inversion technology innovation is on plasma power source. Power factor is corrective (the efficiency that the application of PFC) technology improved inversion power source greatly (inverter advocate changeover technology) , efficiency of transformer power source also rises somewhat (behead wave implement) of second changeover technology. The application of new technology makes the power comsumption of new generation power source reduces 20 % . All these make produce efficiency to rise greatly, managing cost. As a result of the inversion technology use on plasma power source, the weight of Plasma Cutting power source is reduced amount to 50 % . System of power source of plasma of implementation of technology of date join of Yu Chuxin of serial input monarch and CNC control is amiable between body control communicate indefinitely, integral efficiency of the system rises greatly. Pass microprocessor control, breakdown is solved more simple and convenient. Microprocessor controls equipment to be able to provide detailed operation information in real time. In the Plasma Cutting system with compositive height, this information can show directly in CNC control system, convenient the person that use understands current system to run a state in real time truly definitely. 3.

2 cutting torch and fragile cutting torch is the crucial place that produce plasma arc and has cut. 120 A cuts quadrature below to use wind cold structure more, 120 A above uses water-cooling structure more wide electrode uses kind of cutting torch indirect water-cooled tungsten pole, working gas can use oxygen, nitrogen, air or argon hydrogen to mix air, and protective gas can use gas of oxygen, nitrogen, argon or water, but cut ply is 100 Mm the following stainless steel, aluminous, cast-iron with copper alloy, performance is relatively good. Contemporary cutting torch has stronger perforative capacity, the high density electric arc that produces improves cut quality greatly, cut of implementation small kerf, level off, material is out of shape little effect. New block a technology to make quickly fragile change convenient achieve the history to go up the shortest time, because change,shorten greatly fragile a machine down time that cause. As the development of Plasma Cutting technology, fragile life gets great lengthen (6) seeing a picture. The flow control that grows life to need pair of cutting torch and the careful control that power source exports. For example, electrode of existing and new-style 300 A/400 A contains many hafnium to set a figure (7) seeing a picture, conduce to component service life is prolonged below taller electric current. New-style double-disk nozzle (8) seeing a picture can last to undertake cooling to whole of a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place, be in in order to ensure whole and fragile optimal cut quality can be acquired inside use cycle. Nextpage3.

3 height adjust controlling high adjustment is the character of basic constant current that uses plasma power source, through detecting the change of plasma arc voltage determines the cutting torch height of Plasma Cutting process changes, implementation is controlled to the height of cut cutting torch. Provide some basic functions to have normally: Initiative and automatic fixed position, switch on the mobile phone perforation and function of the promotion that break arc, cutting torch is prevented bump, give press indication monitoring, hand to move with actual arc wait with automata. Current, high adjustment pilot is improved greatly (9) seeing a picture controls the cut quality with best implementation through more accurate voltage namely, voltage control precision raises ± 0.

5V. The intelligence in CNC control system is logistic not only spare time, improve performance. Intelligence changes what craft parameter raises cutting torch to punch again ability (lift again after cutting torch is perforative namely) . Through using stronger electric machinery, implementation more of fast walk control. In the system with compositive height, through using stronger electric machinery, implementation more of fast walk control. In the system with compositive height, make high adjustment control more convenient and quick through system of expert of the buy inside CNC. Graph 9 height adjust control objective 3.

4CNC controls a system to realize finish machining of outline of curved surface of high speed, high accuracy, the explanation that must increase line segment of little rough sketch handles ability and servo drive function. Contemporary CNC system already was had enough high data processing rate, stage of accurate control cut walks orbit, ensure high accuracy, but repeatability, speed and quickly, reach best cut mass thereby. Contemporary CNC controls a system to already had characteristic of the following technology: (1) from adaptive control technology. Numerical control system can detect influential to oneself information, adjust concerned parameter of the system automatically continuously, achieve the goal that improves a system to run state. (2) expert fastens all technology. The experience the expert and the common law that cutting machines and special rule arrange the computer that put a person, prop up with machining technical data library to be, build the expert system that has artificial intelligence, the inferential process that imitates human expert offers optimized cutting parameter, make machine a system to be in from beginning to end best and most working status of economy, increase process designing efficiency and the technical demand that reduce pair of operation staff thereby, shorten greatly preparative time, implement cut of careful round Kong Yijian easily at the same time. (3) breakdown diagnoses a technology oneself. Breakdown diagnostician system is the newest tendency that diagnostic unit develops, it offerred to include 2 times to monitor for numerical control equipment, breakdown is diagnosed, safety is ensured and the intelligence that waits for a respect inside diagnoses economic strategy reach safeguard decision-making information compositive system. (The software with powerful 4) is compositive. Software system but direct from the standard (DxF)CAD blueprint establishs efficient cut program. It can be in any Windows wood move below operating system environment, OK EIA/ESSI encode establishs cut program for any CNC systems. The development that technology of 4 conclusion Plasma Cutting passed half many century has matured with each passing day, each core component can be added independently not only match, and the capacity that has quite mature mutual and compatible conformity and can not have seam cooperate, in order to ensure the real time between each other is harmonious. As the computer and the rapid development that the number controls a technology, numerical control cut also is able to develop flourishingly, process precision, managing data in improvement, raise the respect such as labor productivity to show huge advantage. The application of CNC control system becomes contemporary Plasma Cutting to move toward the important mark that intelligence converts, his maturity application is offerred for the industry most the solution of high accuracy cut that intelligence changes, make exceed strong cut to become a possibility, intelligence changes one of main way that make progress of Plasma Cutting technology. CNC Milling CNC Machining